HPC Fire Inspired Acquires Tru-Fab

Ohio based HPC Fire Inspired has earned a stellar reputation in the fire industry, but company officials are not resting on their laurels. In a move that will enhance HPC’s ability to manufacture CSA-certified and engineered-to-order custom solutions, the company has acquired Tru-Fab.

The acquisition became official on May 1st and Sean Steimle, CEO of HPC Fire Inspired™ confirms that the bold move will boost HPC’s already strong fire fabrication solutions while creating additional value for customers. Tru-Fab is an experienced fabrication company and has been serving the industry since 1978.

Tru-Fab has been a valued strategic partner and supplier to HPC for many years and the acquisition is expected to expand custom engineered
designs, allowing the fire feature manufacturer to better accommodate consumer desires. “Our engineered-to-order designs are curated, maintaining both ANSI and CSA standards,” Steimle explains. “Each design is catered to the specs of our dealers and consumers’ requests.”

HPC’s signature designs can be found in many diverse commercial settings including professional and collegiate sport facilities. Unique HPC creations
have been designed for professional ballparks and football stadiums throughout the country, which enhance the overall experience for sports fans.

“Our most popular custom designs are HPC’s long linear burners, radius, L shape/right angle, as well as our unique U shape,” Steimle says. “These burners are used in different applications such as highlighting the edge of a pool or enhancing an outdoor bar or kitchen. HPC is able to customize these designs by utilizing stainless steel tubing, which allows our team to create curvatures and angles.”

Each burner hole is tooled instead of punched out to ensure a quiet, unobstructed flame. With HPC, users enjoy a custom design that lights every time. Steimle is confident that the Tru-Fab acquisition will “further our current capabilities to create memorable moments in any backyard or commercial entertainment venues.”

The existing partnership with Tru-Fab has set a strong foundation. HPC believes this will aid in a smooth transition. With the added technology and experience, the Ohio manufacturer will be able to deliver enhanced designs with shorter lead times. Steimle adds: “HPC is always striving for continuous improvement and increased in-house fabrication will enhance our team’s ability to improve finishing operations as well as quickly develop prototypes designed by our Research and Design [R&D] team.”

The fabrication acquisition will seamlessly integrate with HPC’s current fire fabrication strategy and strengthen its vertical integration program, providing better control of inventory and supply chain and allowing HPC to provide fire feature solutions across multiple customer channels.

Tru-Fab’s talented sheet metal engineers and skilled craftsmen have long worked to produce high quality custom metal fabrications. Now under the HPC banner, the team can provide quick solutions to their R&D center. Tru-Fab’s metal fabrication capabilities include: shearing, breaking, punching, painting,
welding, grinding, and finishing. Each design will be fabricated with state-of-the-art equipment such as CNC automatic press breaks, turrets, shearing equipment, welders, lasers, and paint systems.

“Tru-Fab’s 40-plus years of fabrication experience, and their talented employees, will give HPC the ability to provide customers with unique commercial and residential designs,” Steimle enthuses. “We are excited to join forces and weave the Tru-Fab team into our HPC family.”