Electronic Ignition Fire Pit Inserts

We use our exclusive Electronic Ignition (EI) system for our On/Off series and a Bluetooth connection for our Hi/Lo Series. Once power is applied to the unit (120vac or 24vac), the system will allow gas to flow to the pilot assembly- the hot surface igniter will glow igniting gas. The thermocouple on the pilot assembly will sense this pilot flame and safely open the valve to main burner- pilot flame then ignites main burner. If at any time pilot flame is lost, the unit will turn off gas for safety, then automatically restart.

HPC's remote electronic control system for our fire features are unlike any available. For ignition we use the technology of a low voltage hot surface ignitor that is very dependable in outdoor elements and resistant to moisture- it is certified for a minimum of 100,000 cycles (That's a lot!).

The flame sensing is accomplished through the use of a thermocouple- a device that has been reliably utilized for decades in all types of appliances using flame. The advantage to thermocouple sensing is its stability in unstable conditions such as the outdoors. The effects of wind or moisture are practically nothing due to the fact it is sensing heat thus having a much slower reaction to these elements resulting in stable operation - other manufactures use fast reacting which results in nuisance on & off cycling. The EI pilot assembly is housed in a patented blowout box designed with adequate venting while protecting from elements.

All of this is monitored by a control module that is truly one-of-a-kind that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. You may find one that uses some form of coil and senses the flame unreliably with current, but to find a thermocouple communicating with an electronic module will not be found except on HPC product. It is also worth mentioning our control module is the only module that is truly designed and CERTIFIED FOR OUTDOORS ONLY by CSA International to strict ANSI standards.

HPC's number one priority is user safety. Our engineering group has gone to great lengths to accomplish this in conjunction with CSA International, the most recognized and respectable testing body in North America for the gas industry. HPC has the only fire pit insert certified at 400,000btu in the world. Our electronic ignition gas fire pits are certified for use in the United States and Canada.


We build all units as 120v powered which is connected to an outdoor GFI outlet. Also 24v models are built upon request for use in some systems.


The units can be powered from the same line and turn on together or can be individually controlled- please work with your electrician to confirm supplied voltage & amperage meets the requirements per label instructions. For the 24vac models, this is very important.

The fire pits are suspended by resting the lip of the stainless steel pan on bowl style (or pan itself on flat style) either by using one of our install collars or by adding a step / brackets inside enclosure. The step is commonly recessed ~2” below cap of fire pit- then approved media is added covering pan and lip.


The control module and system is designed and approved ONLY FOR OUTDOOR USE.

Code requires a manual shutoff valve be installed and accessible to turn off gas in case of emergency.

This is not an easy question to answer due to the numerous variables involved. The first major item is the size of the fire pit to be installed- or Btu input requirements for the appliance. Other factors such as gas pressure, length of run, elbows, or other hardware that may affect gas flow must be looked at figured in calculation. Also what is commonly forgotten are other appliances connected to the gas line that will take away gas from the fire pit.  We have minimum recommendations for each fire pit in our catalog and in the Support section of website; however we strongly recommend working with your dealer or plumber so they can account for all the factors to ensure proper gas delivery.


Using a larger ring does not mean taller flame height. Generally a larger ring will broaden the flame and take away from the flame height. Most customers by the way think of large flame as being the height, not so much the width. To increase flame height when using a large ring the delivery of gas must be greater usually meaning larger gas orifice or valve. If delivery of gas cannot be increased, then “reducing” the fire ring size will increase the flame height.

Our receiver is a 120v inline outdoor receiver- one end plugs into an outdoor GFI outlet, the fire pit plugs into the other side of receiver. The outlet can be located inside or outside the fire pit enclosure.


We recommend this for both safety and convenience. When the fire pit is not in use you can simply turn off wall switch which disables handheld remote and although uncommon prevents potential of accidental start up from common RF signal or noise.

Wall Switch Controlled:
If using just a wall switch for the fire pit obviously that disables the power which is enough.

Handheld Remote Controlled:
If using the handheld remote control we recommend turning off either the power to the receiver or the gas to prevent any inadvertent start up from unwanted ambient RF noise. A common way to ensure the fire pit does not accidentally light is to remove power to the remote receiver. This can be accomplished by turning off the wall switch or breaker that controls the power for the receiver. The exterior gas valve can also be turned off as added assurance if needed.


The gas type (Natural Gas or LP) should be requested of your dealer at the time of ordering. The factory will build and test the fire pit for proper gas.

Upon request we can build the fire pit with a 6’ maximum pilot assembly allowing for external mounting of valve control box.

HPC uses the highest grade materials available. Unfortunately the heat from the fire changes the chemical composition of the material and accelerates corrosion. This is made even worse when exposed to salt water. It is also recommended to cover the fire pit in order to keep water out of the gas valve. We design and test our products to withstand normal exposures to weather however extreme weather can create conditions that could do permanent damage to the unit. It is also a good idea to ensure the weep holes are not clogged or blocked during installation and be periodically checked. Also keep in mind that if the valve fills with water it is not covered under warranty.

We highly recommend someone locally licensed by the Authority Having Jurisdiction in gas piping who has read our install instructions thoroughly.

We highly recommend someone NFI certified to service our products.  In the event your unit does need service the valve box is designed to be detachable from your fire pit and returned for service.  For your safety and the safety of others never attempt to open a valve box.

Most of the problems we see are from incorrect installation.  This would include things like poor venting, poor drainage, physical damage to components, incorrect media application.  Please read the instructions carefully and if you still have questions call our customer service dept.

Push Button, Flame Sensing Fire Pit Inserts

This is perfect if flame sensing safety is desired and there is no power to fire pit site. Also uses a spark generator so no match lighting and is flame height adjustable with use of manual knob.

While simultaneously depressing spark button and valve knob, the pilot gas is ignited. Once thermocouple senses adequate flame the valve will allow you to light main burner by turning knob. The same knob will also adjust the flame height.

It uses a AA battery for spark- this is a good option if cannot obtain A/C power at fire pit site.


We do not recommend due to larger burner results in unsatisfactory of flame height. The valve used in this series is only 140kbtu.


HPC's number one priority is user safety. Our engineering group has gone to great lengths to accomplish this in conjunction with CSA International.

Evolution 360 Series and H2Onfire Series

It is possible however the color formulation may make the water foamy.

These series’ do allow for separate operation of some of the features providing some options during cold weather.

  1. Water Feature: We recommend winterizing the product per the install instructions- damage is likely if water is allowed to freeze voiding the warranty.
  2. Fire Feature: The Evolution 360 Series allows for burning the fire feature without water after winterization. The H2Onfire Series does not- water must be running to operate the fire feature.
  3. LED Feature: The LED lights may be run anytime.

NO - chemicals in antifreeze can attack the seals and adversely affect the pumps function causing damage.

The total volume at recommended fill is approximately 50 gallons.

  1. Care of copper water bowls- unless a patina look is preferred, we recommend using our copper cleaning kit (HPC model #CCK) with sand paper, steel wool and bees wax.
  2. Fire feature flame sensor- this must be cleaned periodically with brush.
  3. Periodic cleaning of the system water filter at least once a month or as long as two months depending on your location and the environmental conditions in your area. Monitoring your system will establish the frequency needed to clean the filter.
  4. The entire unit needs drained and cleaned periodically depending on your location.
  5. Cold climate winterizing in areas with sustain temps below freezing.
  6. Protection from freezing, in typical warm climate areas of the country is needed.

Yes – may become frequent since common daily water loss from evaporation or wind may be as much as 20 gallons or more in one day. We highly recommend utilizing the convenient auto-fill feature that comes standard with this product.

Currently we are only offering blue with other possible other options. Contact for more information.

Most of the parts for these models are available for replacement- contacts your Dealer for details.

When desired it is common to apply decorative stone or glass (>1” dia.), we do not recommend any type of water soluble material to be applied in water.

  1. We recommend using a licensed service professional familiar with the local codes in your area to ensure safe and proper installation.
  2. Please carefully read the instructions before installation and reference them during the process of installation.

NO - Currently the only fire feature for these models are as stated in the description and required by our CSA Certification for performance and safety.

Approximately 530lbs. complete with fire feature and full of water.

  1. There are a variety of materials that can be used such as HPC’s beautiful aluminum enclosure, cut and cultured stone, landscape block, tiles or any nonflammable material.
  2. Always remember that this is an electronic appliance with fire and water applications- preventive maintenance will be required for adequate performance and product longevity. Access door(s), ventilation and drainage must be considered when designing the enclosure.

The guidelines for installation do not allow for these models to be installed on or near any flammable material without proper barriers. The install instructions outline the requirements and clearances along with following local codes and regulations.

We recommend media that is one inch or larger in diameter to prevent water intake restriction potentially causing pump damage.

Yes- as long the glass is intended for use with fire. HPC offers a wide variety of glass color options to suit your taste specifically for the fire feature.

Observing the copper bowl scupper, inspect the gap where the water comes out for any debris. Small debris (leaves, sticks, sediment) can find its way into the bowls water chamber. You can use a thin piece of plastic such as a plastic credit card or small zip tie to remove the debris from the gap (Do not use any type of metal that can scratch the copper surface).

Fire is dangerous, and we take your safety very seriously. Read about our certifications here and see why HPC Fire Inspired products are the safest fire features on the market.