Create your own oven

The Di Napoli  Series is a built-in, enclosed, and dual fuel oven.  It can be installed as a permanent structure with the use of a chimney. Design your own outer shell and take advantage of Forno de Pizza’s electronic ignition system for easy start ups as well as continuous controlled oven operation. This oven comes assembled with the hearth, oven, enclosure, a chimney stack, and an arched front making it ready for immediate installation.

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The oven comes ready to be finished to your taste. It weighs 450lbs and it’s ready to be installed in a base and constructed around it. Included is a 36 inch long 6 inch diameter Duravent double insulated stainless steel stack. And, a refractory arch that finishes the front of the oven.   

refractory arch

Refractory Arch

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