Deciphering HPC’s Smart Technology: The 2 Flash Code

HPC strives to elevate the consumer experience. At each point of service, we put our customers first. HPC’s Tech talks aim to educate and empower our clientele. Informing consumers how to best maintain their fire appliances will extend the life of their designs, ensuring that they will stand the test of time. For this Tech Talk, the HPC Fire Inspired team will review the meaning of the 2 Flash Code, as well as how to achieve proper resolution.

The 2 Flash Code

If the 2 Flash code is present on the display of the control module or the remote control, this indicates an issue with overheating due to lack of proper ventilation. As an added layer of protection, HPC’s safety heat sensing technology will trigger the unit to shut down if the interior ambient temperature of the control box has exceeded 190 degrees. In this instance, you will need to investigate the existing ventilation on your unit.

Understanding Enclosure Ventilation Requirements

Before we discuss the actual requirements for ventilation it’s a important to get an understanding of the purpose of ventilation openings.

  • Proper ventilation is very important to maintain proper overall functioning of your unit. Ventilation allows for residual fuel to escape preventing natural gas or propane gas from pooling or building up inside of the enclosure.
  • In addition, proper ventilation removes excessive heat that may build up inside the enclosure. Ventilation openings are designed to remove heat and keep air flowing under the pan. This regulates the units’ internal temperature of the valve box keeping it below 190 degrees. Proper ventilation will keep the unit operating at peak performance.
  • Ventilation keeps moisture from building up inside the enclosure protecting the components from condensation. Without proper ventilation or drainage, condensation can build up causing black mold to develop inside the enclosure.

As a CSA Certified provider, HPC Fire Inspired abides by industry ventilation standards. The minimum venting requirement mandates 2 openings. Each opening must be 18 square inches (6”x3” 9”x2” 18”x1”). In addition, the openings must be 180 degrees apart promoting proper air flow. This minimum requirement is adequate for smaller units up to about 250K BTUs. For units above 250K BTUs, the industry requirement mandates 4 openings measuring 18 square inches (6”x3” 9”x2” 18”x1); these openings must be spaced 90 degrees apart from one another.

Deciphering & Rectifying The 2-Flash Code

When building enclosures around HPC Fire appliances it is imperative to adhere to CSA ventilation requirements. Unfortunately, there are instances when this important step is overlooked.  Poor venting will trigger the 2 flash code indicating the unit is overheating. When this occurs the electronic ignition will shut off and will not reignite. Once the unit cools down it will automatically reset itself. However, this may take up to 8 hours. Without proper venting the issue will persist.

Therefore, to rectify the 2 flash code one must confirm proper ventilation. If there is no ventilation, then ventilation openings must be created in the enclosure. Next, if there is ventilation, one should confirm that the openings are the proper size and are spaced correctly to promote proper air flow. If existing ventilation is too small then the opening must be increased. In addition, ensuring that the ventilation openings remain unobstructed by debris is critical to maintain proper air flow. Once proper ventilation is established your unit will be restored.

In summary, the 2-flash code indicates poor air flow or lack of air flow underneath the unit as well as inside the enclosure. The source of the issue isn’t with the unit or the components. It is due to poor ventilation which can lead to overheating. In turn, the heat sensing safety technology will automatically shut the unit down to protect the components from becoming damaged. Adhering to proper ventilation requirements will keep the unit running optimally. Be sure to inspect the ventilation openings confirming they are within the industry standard as well as verifying that the ventilation openings are free of debris.

Customer Service

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