Deciphering HPC’s Smart Technology: The 5 Flash Code

HPC strives to elevate the consumer experience. At each point of service, we put our consumers first. Our Tech talks educate consumers and aim to empower them. Knowledge is power. By educating our consumers how to best maintain their fire appliances it will extend the life of their designs, ensuring that they will stand the test of time. For this Tech Talk, the HPC Fire Inspired team will review the meaning of the 5 Flash Code.

What 5 Flash Code Indicates

When the 5-flash code appears on the control module LED light or on the Bluetooth remote control, this indicates that the source of the problem is a flame start up issue specifically with the valve train.

The 5-flash code is an indication that gas is getting past the pilot valve keeping the pilot lit even after shutdown. When the unit is powered and the pilot flame is already lit the control module will not recognize this as proper sequence for ignition. Therefore, the unit will stop the ignition cycle and trigger the 5-flash code.

Understanding the valve train:

Proper Ignition Vs. Faulty Ignition

HPC Fire Inspired installs Solenoid valves to operate all ON/OFF and HI/Lo electronic ignition models. There are two solenoid valves on the ON/OFF models; one for pilot gas and one for the main burner. In the case of the HI/LO electronic ignition models, there are 3 solenoid valves: one is for the pilot, one is for the low main burner flame and the third valve is for the high main burner flame. Once power is applied, the igniter glows and pilot valve opens igniting the pilot. The pilot warms the thermocouple generating a millivolt signaling the main burner to open and then igniting the main burner.

However, if the system senses a millivolt from the thermocouple before the igniter is powered, it will stop the ignition cycle, thus producing a 5-flash code. This means the pilot valve or main valve has remained open even after shutting down. Problems with valves can range from a failed solenoid valve to loss of power from control module.

Understanding & Rectifying The 5-Flash Code:

HPC’s Experts advise consulting with certified gas technicians if consumers suspect there is an issue with the gas supply to their unit. When a 5-Flash Code is present it is best to contact HPC Fire Inspired Tech Team, so our NFI Certified experts can walk you through the steps to diagnose the issue and help identify the best solution for your unit. The steps to tease out the issue are briefly outlined.

The 5-flash code is a very rare code to see from the control module and can be diagnosed by first checking gas pressure.

Solenoids valves are capable of handling high pressure without sustaining damage. With that being said, HPC’s Fire Appliances are certified and designed to operate at ½ pound gas pressure. HPC advises installing a gas line regulator to control pressure. If a 5-Flash code is present, confirming proper gas pressure is a good place to start.

In addition, a 5-Flash code on a solenoid valve unit can indicate that the valve may have been damaged by debris or water. In a rare circumstance, the culprit of the issue could be a failed solenoid. If debris gets into one of the solenoid valves it can prevent the plunger from closing the valve completely and gas can keep flowing through the valve itself. In the case of water intrusion, it’s not actually the water that causes the damage but the corrosion that builds up on the plunger inside the valve which prevents the valve from closing completely. In this instance, HPC’s Techs will help identify proper replacement parts if needed.

Customer Service

In summary, the 5-flash code indicates an issue with the valve. The source of the issue could be gas pressure, water intrusion, debris in the valve or a failed solenoid valve. To achieve the best solution, contact HPC’s Fire Inspired Tech team at 937-436-9800. Providing basic information will help our team to assist you more efficiently.