EI Flash Code Series – 4 flashes – Valve Train / Thermocouple

HPC Fire Inspired strives to provide safe high quality outdoor fire inserts for our consumers. HPC’s Electronic Ignition fire pit inserts are the only designs on the market that are equipped with self-diagnostic technology. Our engineers incorporate this technology to enhance the ease of use for our consumers. This technology is housed in the Electronic Ignition Control Module. In an effort to educate our consumers, this Tech Talk will decipher the meaning of the “4” Flash Code. In addition, our Techs will outline the action steps to rectify the identified issue.

What 4 Flash Code Indicates

The 4 flash code is a rare occurrence. When the 4-flash code is present on the display of the control module or on the Bluetooth remote,  this indicates an issue with the valve train or the thermocouple.  In this instance, the pilot will light, but the ignition sequence fails. While the pilot remains lit the main burner will not light due to several potential issues.

The Valve Train And Thermocouple

The Valve Train and the Thermocouple play important roles for HPC’s fire appliances.  For the purposes of this article The Valve Train refers to valves and orifice on the unit. The Thermocouple houses HPC’s flame sensing technology. When all is operating optimally, once power is applied, the thermocouple is heated generating a millivolt which sends a signal to the control module. Next, the Valve Train is triggered opening the valves allowing gas to flow through the orifice igniting the main burner.  When an issue is present the sequence of operations is interrupted inhibiting  the appliance from lighting properly.

Identifying The Source Of The Issue

When a 4 flash code is present there are several potential sources for the issue that must be sorted out. The 4 flash code indicates an issue with hardware or flame start up. Knowing this gives enough background to aid in finding a solution. One way to tease out the issue is to utilize HPC’s troubleshooting app. This will provide step by step instructions of how to properly assess the equipment and give action steps to rectify the issue. In addition, consumers and professionals are always welcome to contact our team of Certified NFI Technicians. Let our team share their knowledge and guide you to solutions.

The 4 flash code indicates that the thermocouple is operational but there are is something else that is faulty.

If the main burner isn’t lighting at the point of installation, one should check the gas line sizing, as it could be undersized. HPC recommends conferring with certified gas professionals to ensure proper installation. If the gas line is undersized, a certified technician will need to upgrade the line. Refer to the gas line sizing guidelines to ensure that the proper size is being utilized for the unit.

 The Next issue to look into is checking the pilot orifice. The orifice may have become clogged causing decreased gas pressure. Low gas pressure inhibits the pilot flame from heating up properly. In turn, the pilot flame can’t generate enough heat to warm the thermocouple to generate the millivolt.  This will prevent the module from sending the command to open the main valve inhibiting the ignition of the main burner. In this instance, the pilot assembly will need to be replaced.

Checking the valves on the unit will reveal if there is an issue with the valve itself. Over time, Valves can become damaged due to wear and tear or from debris and excessive exposure to water. If there is a failing with the valve it can easily be replaced. Remember to check pilot flame size, gas flow and pressure, before assuming the gas valve has failed. If all of the above check out, the only assumption left is a failed or damaged valve. In this instance, contact HPC Fire Inspired to obtain the proper replacement valve for your fire appliance.  

Customer Service

Knowledge is power. By educating our consumers how to best maintain their fire appliances this will extend the life of their designs, ensuring that they will stand the test of time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call at 937-436-9800. Let our NFI certified technicians provide guidance around all your fire design needs.

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