EI Flash Code Series – 1 and 6 flashes – Igniter

HPC Fire Inspired strives to provide safe high quality outdoor fire inserts for our consumers. HPC’s Electronic Ignition fire pit inserts are they only designs on the market that are equipped with self diagnostic technology. Our engineers incorporate this technology to enhance the ease of use for our consumers. This technology is housed in the Electronic Ignition Control Module. In an effort to educate our consumers, this Tech Talk will decipher the meaning of the“1 and 6” Flash Codes. In addition, our Techs will outline the action steps to rectify the identified issue.

What 1 and 6 Flash Code Indicate

When a 1 or 6 flash code is present on the fire units’ display this indicates that there is an issue with the Igniter. There are two distinct ways an igniter can fail to light the pilot: a gas supply issue or  an “open” igniter, meaning there is an issue with the igniter circuit.

Understanding The Igniter

The Igniter is component located in the pilot assembly. The Igniter plays a critical role in the ignition sequence of our electronic ignition units. HPC Fire Inspired uses what is called a “Hot Surface Igniter” to ignite the pilot. It is made from Silicone Nitride, and reaches temperatures up to 1200 degrees when supplied with 24v of power from the control module.

The first step in the sequence of operations is for the igniter to be powered. Once power is applied the igniter will glow. When the pilot fuel is released to the pilot head, the igniter lights the gas and starts the ignition sequence. The display will glow indicating that all is well with the units’ operating system. However, if an issue is detecting you will notice the light will begin to flash.

The 1 Flash Code

When a single flash code is present on the display, it indicates that there is an issue with the gas supply. No gas flow or lack of gas flow to the pilot hood will not allow the ignition sequence to commence.

In either case the igniter will glow and operate normally, but the system will give a 1 blink error code indicating that the pilot’s failure to light was due to a gas flow issue.

Rectifying The 1 Flash Code Issue

HPC’s Experts advise consulting with certified gas technicians if consumers suspect there is an issue with the gas supply to their unit. If there is a 1 flash code present one will need to inspect the gas supply to the unit. First, start by verifying that the gas is turned on and then check the gas pressure. For details regarding checking the gas pressure refer to HPC’s owner’s manual to confirm gas requirements. If the supply is on and the pilot doesn’t ignite, it is important to check the gas lines. The gas lines may have air in them, which will prevent the pilot from lighting.

Once the gas line and gas pressure have been checked, the next step is to check the pilot assembly. The pilot assembly or pilot orifice may have become clogged or dirty. In this instance, it may be best to replace the entire pilot assembly. Contact HPC Fire Inspired to request the correct pilot assembly replacement. Having your model number ready will enable our Technicians to assist in ordering the correct pilot assembly for your unit.

The 6 Flash Code

When a 6-flash error code is present on the display this is indicative of an open igniter circuit, which means that there is a problem with the igniter itself. Any damage to the wires of the igniter or a crack in the igniter tip or ceramic base of the igniter will inhibit the overall functionality causing the ignition sequence to fail.

Igniter Repair

If you are getting a 6-flash error code, then we know it’s the igniter itself, and not a gas flow issue. There is a simple solution to this concern. The “hot surface igniter” on our electronic ignition units can easily be replaced as a single component, no need to replace the entire pilot assembly. The igniter replacement part number will be 312-SNI-24V .

Deciphering Flash Codes

Knowledge is power. By educating our consumers how to best maintain their fire appliances this will extend the life of their designs ensuring that they will stand the test of time.

Customer Service

If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call at 937-436-9800. Let our NFI certified technicians provide guidance around all your fire design needs.

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