Gas Fire Pit Flex Lines

An HPC Fire Inspired fire feature is a fantastic addition to any outdoor living space, providing warmth and ambiance for social gatherings and relaxation. To ensure their safe and efficient operation, regular maintenance and proper troubleshooting are essential. This guide outlines some key tips for maintaining and troubleshooting the gas supply to your HPC Fire Inspired fire feature, helping users keep their equipment in optimal condition.

Leak Checks:

  • Visual Inspection: Start by visually inspecting the gas line under the fire feature for any visible signs of wear or damage. Look for signs of corrosion or rust, especially at connections and joints, and pay special attention to where two dissimilar metals join.
  • Annual Leak Check: Perform an annual leak check on all gas connections and joints, as well as the appliance piping. Mix a solution of water and a few drops of dish soap, and apply it to all gas line connections, fittings, valves, and joints. Turn on the gas supply and inspect for any bubbles where the solution is applied, which indicates a leak.

Proper Gas Flow:

  • Valve Operation: Ensure all valves are fully opened. If a valve is hard to turn or appears damaged, it must be replaced before operating the fire feature.
  • Gas Line Regulator: A gas line regulator controls the pressure of the gas flowing to the fire feature. Ensure it is functioning correctly and is not clogged or damaged. A faulty gas line regulator can damage the unit and severely affect the flame pattern and height.

Proper Sizing:

  • Gas Line Sizing: Although this should be addressed before installing your HPC Fire Inspired fire feature, it is often overlooked. Undersized gas lines result in low flame height, small pilot flames, and operational issues. These issues can be mistaken for wind blowouts. If your gas line sizing is in question, consult a gas professional to have the gas line sized properly.

Inspect the Unit’s Burner:

  • Burner Condition: Blocked or broken burners will cause poor gas flow through the burner and create uneven flames or only partial flames. Inspect the burner and remove any debris that may be causing a blockage in the ports. Look for cracks or damage to the burner that may cause inconsistent gas flow. If you find a cracked or damaged burner, remember that HPC offers a hassle-free lifetime warranty on all burners.


  • Ventilation Check: Check all ventilation openings on the enclosure of the fire feature. Ensure all openings are free of debris and are unobstructed. Proper ventilation is crucial for maintaining safe operation of the fire feature and preventing gas buildup in the enclosure.

When to Call a Professional:

  • Professional Help: If you discover an issue with your gas line, shut off the gas supply and call a professional gas technician. Complex issues involving gas lines, regulators, and valves should always be handled by a licensed professional.
  • Gas Smell: If you smell gas at any time around the fire feature, shut off all supply to the fire feature and call a gas professional immediately.

Regularly inspecting and maintaining the gas line of your HPC Fire Inspired fire feature is crucial for safe and efficient operation. By following these simple tips, you can identify and resolve common gas line issues, ensuring your fire pit performs reliably and safely. For any complex or persistent problems, always seek professional assistance to avoid potential hazards.

If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call at 937-436-9800. Let our NFI certified technicians provide guidance on all your fire design needs.

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