5 Plants to Keep Away Mosquitoes Around the Fire Pit

Mosquitoes are unpleasant to say the least; they can end a fun evening around the fire pit or pool faster than almost anything else. Understanding how they hatch and hunt can help you rid your backyard of the pests. First things first, get rid of any stagnate or standing water; mosquitoes use pools of non-moving water to lay their eggs.

But why are they attracted to humans? Mosquitoes actually hunt by smell, which is why some people seem to get bit more often than others during the warmer seasons. The easiest way to protect yourself is to mask your scent, which is why citronella candles and sprays that contain DEET sell during the spring-fall and summer; they are remarkably fragrant. There are also natural ways to safeguard yourself and family in the backyard by using the plants in your garden.

The best way to use most of these plants is to crush them in your hand and apply them directly to your skin or clothes, but the final item in the list might surprise you as one that burns in the fire pit itself.

Plants to Keep Away Mosquitoes

Peppermint – this plant is for more than just eating! Crushing it up will repel mosquitoes and by applying it to water it can actually kill the larva of certain species.

Plants to Keep Away Mosquitoes

Lemon Balm – While this plant works well at keeping mosquitoes away from you and your guests, it is a VERY invasive species. Keep it in pots of its own or it will be a hassle to keep it from taking over your garden.

Plants to Keep Away Mosquitoes

Catnip – while this plant has a mint-like scent and repels mosquitoes, it will also attract every cat in the area. So, if you’re not interested in being known as the crazy cat person on the block, you might want to skip this one.

Lavender Leaves

Lavender – This is a well-known plant, but few people know its effectiveness as a mosquito-repellent. If you plant enough of this in your garden it will not only smell amazing, but it will keep away mosquitoes.

Plants to Keep Away Mosquitoes

Now for the bonus!

Sage and Rosemary – Keep these two herbs with you when you are around any fire pit. Burning them not only smells great but it drives insects nuts and wards them off.

Not only are these plants beautiful and smell fabulous to humans, but these are also the best plants to keep away mosquitoes and save your outdoor gathering.