HPC Dealer/Distributor Newsletter – February

Fire Pit Season Kicking Off Soon & HPC Fire Inspired is ready! Are You?

HPC Fire Inspired is gearing up for our busy season and we are ready to service all your fire pit needs. As the weather changes be sure to perform basic maintenance checks ensuring the burners, vents and drains are free from debris. Taking these few simple steps extends the life of your appliance ensuring a safe reliable burn.

As a true leader in the outdoor fire and cooking industry, HPC is excited to share what we have in store for you in the coming months: From trade shows, to our New Website to the latest product launches. Don’t miss out on all that we have to offer.

Upcoming Trade show: HPBExpo 2023 – March 11th – 13th in Louisville, KY:

Come join HPC in Louisville Kentucky at the Hearth Patio and Barbecue Expo. This is the largest trade show for the indoor-outdoor hearth market. HPC will have interactive booths displaying our product lines both indoors and outdoors.

If you are attending this show, be sure to schedule a meeting with our team by contacting Chad Ewing at ChadE@HPCfire.com. Our schedule is booking quickly, so please contact us to schedule a meeting time. We look forward to touching base and sharing valuable industry knowledge.

HPC’s Indoor Booth will be located at spot 1435. Our Team is excited to share our knowledge with you. Please join us at our booth as HPC will be hosting a Happy Hour on Saturday from

1-5pm. Join us for a few drinks while learning all about what HPC Fire Inspired has to offer. If you miss us Saturday make sure to stop by our booth on Sunday for a light breakfast as we will be serving coffee and muffins while sharing our expert knowledge and all of our unique offerings.

Be sure to make your way to our outdoor space, HPC’s Outdoor Booth will be located at spot 5321. HPC’s Product Trailer will be on site creating an interactive experience displaying all of our latest products. Many of HPC’s appliances will be highlighted, from our Aluminum Spun Bowls with our patented Torpedo burners, to HPC’s portable Sport Pit series, to our signature Copper Bowls. In addition, our outdoor cooking series will be on display. You won’t want to miss our HPC’s Cooking Extraordinaire, Hugo Laranja, cooking pizzas in the Forno d Pizza Oven all day Saturday. Don’t miss out on his delicious creations as he will be sure to inspire you to expand your culinary horizons.

HPC New Website LIVE Now:

HPC is always striving to improve the experience of our consumers. HPC’s New Website has been designed to aid users in navigating the website with ease. Consumers should be able to use the search options to filter and find our products as well as information more quickly.

Upcoming Product Launches:

HPC remains committed to offering the best products for outdoor entertaining. Not on our mailing list? Well don’t be the last to know! Scan our smart code or go directly to www.HPCfire.com  to sign up for our newsletter. You will have the most current information regarding new product launches, tech talks, dealer promos and critical contacts. Here is a sneak peek of what to look for in the coming months.

      • UGO-Universal Gas Orifice, truly game changing technology, allowing units to easily be fitted for either gas type!
      • EI SmartArc Tiki, this technological advancement simplifies the ignition system enhancing safety and reliability.
      • Home Automation, HPC appliances are now able to be paired and operated with Home Automation technology!
      • Drum Smoker, HPC’s Drum Smoker will be released in time for Grilling Season! Our patented technology will be sure to yield flavorful food that will leave your guests wanting more.
Gas Tiki torch with AR app

Innovation and Education Center Signup:

As Albert Einstein once said” “Commit yourself to lifelong learning. The most valuable asset you’ll ever have is your mind and what you put into it.”Taking on a learning posture constantly opens up a world of possibilities. Don’t miss out! Sign up for training sessions and grow in knowledge with HPC. Take advantage of our certified NFI Technicians as they will impart their expertise giving you the power of knowledge. Contact Chuck Parsons directly at

937-433-7001 or utilize the sign up link to coordinate your training.


HPC Employee Spotlight: Ashley Hensley – Customer Specialist West Coast Territory

We want to shine a light on Ashley Hensley. Ashley grew up in Wilmington OH. She graduated from Laurel Oaks Trade School with a focus on early childhood education. Prior to pivoting her career, she pursued a psychology degree at Sinclair. Her background and experience transitioned well into the customer service field and we are grateful to have her on the HPC Team.

Ashley joined HPC Fire Inspired in August 2017. It was a natural fit. Her upbeat personality energizes our workplace. She goes above and beyond to support her team and our customers. She started with HPC in Customer Service and quickly moved up to Lead Order Entry Clerk. As she continued to work and grow she was promoted to Lead Order Entry Supervisor. Ashley continued to prove herself to be a tremendous asset to our team and it was time to promote her to Customer Specialist. Ashley manages the West Coast Territory and is dedicated to our patrons. Ashely loves her new role as she gets the opportunity to get on a more personal level with customers and dealers. Her attention to detail and strong leadership skills allows her to be a great team member. Ashley is dedicated to continued growth and improvement. She has completed her HPC University Certification, making her an expert on all of HPC offerings. In addition, Ashley continues to actively seek opportunities to expand her knowledge. Most recently she has completed courses for Supervision and Project Management. Ashley is a constant learner and truly exemplifies HPC’s value for continuous improvement.

On a personal note, Ashley’s family means the world to her. She and her husband Jamonn met while working together. They now both have joined HPC’s Team; Ashley serves as a Customer Specialist and Jamonn works in Shipping. Together they have created a beautiful family. They have 4 energetic children starting with their eldest daughter Alanah, their two sons Jayden and Jamonn Jr. and their youngest daughter Jamiah.

Ashley loves cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. One of the ways she shows her love for others is through her cooking. Her favorite recipes to recreate have been passed down from her Grandma. She and Jammon are their children’s biggest supporters. They love cheering their kids on in their extra curricular activities from dance to basketball and football. In their down time, they love taking their family out on the town. Together they love trying new restaurants taking in the Arcade and playing laser tag.

Ashley has grown so much and is a great asset to HPC. We know that she will continue make a great impact on our community and we can’t wait to see what her next accomplishments will be!