HPCs 10 Differentiators That Set Us Apart From The Rest

HPC Fire Inspired is a true leader in the industry. Our team invests in our consumers by creating quality designs that stand the test of time.

Steve Jobs Once said, “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology-not the other way around.” HPC is always striving to create innovative designs that enhance and elevate our consumers’ experience. HPC’s Research and Design team as well as our Engineers continuously seek knowledge to inform their designs providing our customers with the latest and greatest technology. This Tech Talk will highlight the Top 10 differentiators that set HPC apart from the rest.

HPC Fire Inspired offers over 400 CSA certified assembled appliances.

HPC invests in safety, by offering the most CSA certified appliances on the market. Our technology and designs offer consumers the ability to curate the fire appliance of their dreams. The options are limitless, consumers can choose their gas type and ignition styles made available in our complete fire feature  bowls to Fire and Water, or HPC’s Ready to Finish Units to HPC’s Engineered Custom Designs. There is truly something for everyone.

Hassle Free Lifetime Warranty

HPC stands behind their designs offering a lifetime warranty on all burner styles covering all shapes and sizes. This Lifetime Warranty policy is one way for us to back up our promise guaranteeing safe and quality designs that will stand the test of time. If the burner becomes damaged or broken, HPC will replace it. Contact our team and we will make it right by sending a new burner.

Dedicated NFI Certified Technical Team:

Our team believes in the importance of knowledge. Every member on our Technical team is NFI Certified and offers a wealth of knowledge aiding consumers with all of their fire pit needs: from the design stages, to installation and trouble shooting. HPC serves all of your needs beyond the point of purchase.

Engineered to Order Custom Fire Features Options:

Desire something with a more personal flare? Fill out HPC’s Custom Order online form to get the process going. Upon completion of your form, HPC’s custom team will review your request and will reach out to you to begin consultation on your design. A CAD drawing and quote will be completed for your review. If you can dream it HPC can build it. Safety is of upmost importance to HPC and is woven into each design. Our signature Engineered to Order designs are no different. In fact, HPC has achieved CSA certification on all custom designs up to 400K BTU on “EI” units.

HPC Fire Inspired Ignition Systems Are Designed & Made In House:

HPC’s Engineers have curated our signature Ignition systems with proprietary technology that is long sought after. HPC’s Ignition Systems are engineered and are assembled by our team members. In addition each system undergoes vigorous testing. HPC Ignition Systems come fully assembled making them ready for installation on any job site.

Innovation and Education Center

Innovation and Education Center:

HPC believes knowledge is power. As a part of our vision to educate dealers and consumers about all of HPC offerings, HPC invested in the opening of our Innovation and Education Center. This facility is dedicated to training and educating HPC dealers about the inner workings of HPC technology so they can better educate consumers. HPC’s Center is fully staffed by our engineering team giving dealers the ability to interact with our product offerings in our show you with guidance from our team.

Quickest Lead Times in The Industry:

HPC is always looking to the future and invests in consumers by examining how we can streamline our processes. One of the many benefits that our Team has been able to pass on to our consumers is a 3-day lead time on orders. Our designs are able to be built and shipped within 3 days. HPC is the only Fire Feature Manufacture in the Eastern United States. HPC is centrally located and lowers shipping costs making it quicker and easier to ship to larger populated areas.

HPC’s Fire One APP:

It is our desire to streamline our consumers’ experience. As our technology advances we are able to offer more to our customers. HPC Fire Inspired One APP integrates all of our technology apps into one; enabling consumers to toggle back and forth between each different Tech application with ease. The One APP houses the Augment Reality technology which gives consumers the ability to see an HPC Fire Inspired appliance in your design space. The One APP also houses HPC’s HIT technology which provides step by step building instructions as well as troubleshooting tips for all HPC designs. Lastly, the One APP houses the IN Connect technology which allows consumers to control the Electronic Ignition High Low models.

Standard Ported Burners (PENTA) and Nozzle Burners (TORPEDO):

HPC Fire Inspired is a leader in the fire feature industry as we are always striving to push boundaries and expand upon technology. This drive has allowed HPC to offer the widest range of burner options on the market. All of HPC burners are made available in Penta and Torpedo style. The Penta burners create a natural campfire flame and the Torpedo burner offer consumers the largest flame available on the market.

Anatomy of a Torpedo Penta Burners

HPC University:

HPC University houses all of the important details about HPC’s history, sales and technology. HPC University allows dealers to explore all HPC has to offer our consumers. Contact our team for your log in information and get started now!

The options are endless with HPC. Utilize HPC’s Fire Pit Selector to assist with the design process. Once you’ve selected your desired design, utilize HPC Augmented Reality App to see the fire appliance in your space. Let our dedicated Certified National Fire Institute Tech Team as well as our Customer Specialists field any questions or concerns. HPC’s Specialists will walk you through from start to finish ensuring your fire appliances exceed your desires. Reach our HPC Fire Inspired team at  937-436-9800 or at Information@HPCFire.com For more details about HPC Fire Inspired Offerings.