Adding Value to Your Home with HPC Fire Inspired

March 5th, 2024|Lifestyle Articles|

Outdoor kitchens and fire features can indeed add significant value to your home, both in terms of monetary worth and lifestyle enhancement. When you partner with HPC Fire Inspired you get access to our certified experts that will guide you from the planning and designing stages to the point of installation and continued maintenance. We stand by our designs installing confidence. Increased Property Value Well-designed outdoor kitchens and fire features can boost your home's market value. Potential buyers often look for these features when considering purchasing a property, especially in regions with favorable climates for outdoor living. To plan your outdoor designs contact Extended Living Space Outdoor kitchens effectively extend your living space beyond the walls [...]

HPC Fire Inspired Representing at the International Builder’s Show

February 20th, 2024|Lifestyle Articles, Tech Talks|

The IBS show attracts a global audience displaying the latest innovations and trends in home building. The great City of Las Vegas, Nevada plays host to this amazing event. This year IBS takes place February 27-29th at the Vegas Convention Center. HPC Fire Inspired is proud to be partaking in the festivities. Our team will be displaying, walking the show as well as further building our relationships within the industry. Get in the Know You won’t want to miss out on HPC Fire Inspired’s display located in the South Hall at booth # SU1018. Our team will be available at our booth location from 9-5, Tuesday through Thursday. HPC will have a vast variety of our signature fire pits [...]

Valentine’s Day Around the Fire Pit

January 30th, 2024|Lifestyle Articles|

Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! A romantic evening with your partner around an HPC Fire design is just what is needed to reconnect. With a little planning and effort you can enjoy a quiet evening at home creating a perfect backdrop for your own love story. Here are four factors to keep in mind to ensure your romantic evening will be a success, impressing your partner and fostering connection and deeper meaning in your relationship. Setting the Scene Create a romantic mood with the warm glow of your HPC Fire, romantic background music, mood lighting and layered cozy seating outfitted with warm blankets. Engage All The Senses We experience [...]

R&R with HPC: How to Fight the Winter Blues

January 16th, 2024|Lifestyle Articles|

HPC Fire Inspired always strives to be a bright light offering consumers opportunities to create memorable moments achieving respite from daily stressors. Winter is upon us, days are shorter and it is common for many to feel down or less energized. The National Institute of Health encourages individuals to take a proactive approach to fight those feelings of “winter blues”.  In This Lifestyle Talk, HPC wants to highlight some of the top ways to fight the winter blues and remain well in the New Year. Benefits Of Fire Fire can have various benefits that are both practical and psychological. Frequent exposure to fire offers benefits which combat symptoms by providing warmth, light and a peaceful atmosphere.  The warmth of [...]

Extending Our Gratitude: 10 Thanksgiving Recipes That Are Sure to Impress

November 21st, 2023|Lifestyle Articles|

There is much to be grateful for during this season. Thanksgiving is a special time to practice gratitude giving thanks for all the people and blessings in your life. This Thanksgiving as you gather with friends and family to share special traditions and memorable moments, take the opportunity to express your love and appreciation. This Thanksgiving our HPC Family would like to extend our gratitude to our dealers and loyal customers. You inspire our team daily and remain the driving force behind the safe innovative designs we curate to foster memorable moments with your loved ones. To show our gratitude we want to highlight HPC’s Top 10 Thanksgiving Forno De Pizza recipes that are sure to impress breathing new life into your thanksgiving meal. [...]

Family Night Fun Around Your HPC Fire Pit

November 7th, 2023|Lifestyle Articles|

As the sun sets and the air turns crisp, there's something enchanting about gathering around a gas-burning fire pit with your loved ones. Transform your evenings into magical moments filled with warmth, laughter, and connection-- family night fun! In this lifestyle guide, we'll explore different themes to make your evening around your HPC Fire Inspired fire a memorable experience for the whole family. S’mores Galore Embrace the joy of roasting marshmallows creating this classic delicious treat. Set up a station with all of your ingredients: graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows. Put a twist on this classic treat using your favorite cookie, chocolate spread or fruit. Connect with your family sharing stories. Share your favorite family memories or [...]

Embracing Tranquility: How Fire Pits Relieve Stress

October 24th, 2023|Lifestyle Articles|

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, finding moments of peace and relaxation is essential for maintaining overall well-being. In this article, we'll explore how you can transform your outdoor space into a serene haven that promotes relaxation and helps you unwind from the stresses of daily life.With a little planning and intentionality you too can create a zen like space that invites peace into your life. Getting Started Transform your outdoor space with an HPC Fire Inspired design. HPC offers a vast variety of designs that will enhance your outdoor aesthetic. When planning your design space it is important to carefully select the your installation location. This decision can significantly impact the overall feel of the [...]

Enhancing Home Value: The Impact of an Outdoor Kitchen

October 11th, 2023|Lifestyle Articles, Outdoor Kitchen|

When it comes to increasing the value of your home, many homeowners focus on interior renovations. However, one often overlooked yet highly impactful addition is an outdoor kitchen. This innovative space not only elevates your lifestyle but also adds significant value to your property. In this article, we'll delve into the various ways an outdoor kitchen can enhance your home's overall worth. An outdoor kitchen by Galaxy Outdoor. Expanding Living Space An outdoor kitchen effectively extends your living space beyond the confines of your home's walls. It creates a functional area for cooking, dining, and entertaining, providing an extra "room" for residents and guests to enjoy. Prospective buyers are often drawn to homes that offer versatile living spaces, [...]

Becoming the Neighborhood Social Hub

October 10th, 2023|Lifestyle Articles|

We live in a high paced time making it difficult to make meaningful connections with others. HPC believes in intentionality. Every aspect of HPC’s designs are curated offering consumers safe modern and technologically advanced appliances. HPC offers consumers the ability to intentionally make selections creating designs that reflect their sense of style while extending the use of their space. Imagine a cozy and inviting space right in your very own backyard, where neighbors can gather, share stories, and build a sense of community. With a few thoughtful touches, you can transform your HPC Fire Inspired gas-burning fire pit into the social hub of your neighborhood. Here are the top 9 ways to create an inviting space fostering lasting memorable moments. [...]

Extending Your Outdoor Living Season: Let HPC Light the Way

September 26th, 2023|Lifestyle Articles|

As Summer draws to an end and Fall rolls in, you can embrace the seasonal changes by extending your outdoor living space with an HPC Fire Inspired Gas Fire Feature. The cooler temperatures don’t mean that your outdoor entertaining season has to be over. Let HPC Fire Inspired Light the way for creating memorable moments allowing you to customize your outdoor space with one of our signature fire designs. Offering warmth to enjoy the respite of your very own backyard oasis all year long. In this article, we will explore ways HPC’s fire designs can extend the use of outdoor living area as well as share helpful tips to get the most out of your outdoor features. Provides Warmth [...]


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