Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! A romantic evening with your partner around an HPC Fire design is just what is needed to reconnect. With a little planning and effort you can enjoy a quiet evening at home creating a perfect backdrop for your own love story.

Here are four factors to keep in mind to ensure your romantic evening will be a success, impressing your partner and fostering connection and deeper meaning in your relationship.

Setting the Scene

Create a romantic mood with the warm glow of your HPC Fire, romantic background music, mood lighting and layered cozy seating outfitted with warm blankets.

Engage All The Senses

We experience life through all of our senses. With our senses engaged it deepens our experiences enhancing the moment creating lifelong memories. Taking the time to consider ways to engage all of our senses, as well as pausing to notice the world around us enriches the experience by being mindfully present in the moment.

  • Sight: Eye contact increases intimacy, connection, trust, love and deepens attraction. Create a visually pleasing aesthetic that enhances the environment creating a romantic oasis to get lost in the moment.
  • Taste: Sharing experiences like eating the same food can connect us and heighten our senses. Preparing an array of finger foods to enjoy can enhance the experience of the evening. Create a themed charcuterie board or fondue. Enjoy cooking? Check out HPC Fire’s recipes to create delicious and impressive meals. Don’t feel like cooking? Plan ahead and order in from your favorite restaurant to enjoy your favorite meal. Don’t forget to grab your favorite bottle of wine or champagne to enhance the moment.
  • Hearing: Sounds are powerful and are capable of releasing a range of human emotions. Playing sentimental music can take you back to a moment in time and all the feelings come flooding back.
  • Smell: Pleasing scents can provide feelings of closeness and security. Put on your favorite scent, select beautiful florals, use a diffuser or light some scented candles to enhance the romantic mood.
  • Touch: Touch is a powerful thing. Physical touch can be an emotional life line to reach your significant other. A simple caress, or holding hands while gazing into one another’s eyes deepens connection.


Take a walk down memory lane, share your favorite memories while watching a slide show of pictures or putting on a clip of your wedding video. Share your hopes for your future and document them creating a time capsule for your relationship. Include pictures, written messages or other mementoes that are meaningful.

Engage In An Activity

One way to connect is to engage in activities together. Having fun together can foster positive emotions which increases overall relationship satisfaction helping couples to unite and overcome differences or challenges. You don’t need to go out to have fun. Be playful and creative. Play your favorite songs and dance together or create a piece of art using different media such as paint or clay.

Take these tips into consideration and your romantic evening around your HPC fire will reignite the flame in your hearts.

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