What is the purpose of proper Gas Fire Pit Clearance?

In today’s HPC Fire Inspired™ Tech Talk we are going to talk about the proper gas fire pit clearance to combustible materials needed when installing a gas fire feature. A combustible is any flammable material that could be seriously damaged by the flame.

HPC looks at clearances two main ways: horizontal and overhead, as well as two BTU ranges: at or less than 200K and 201K to 400K BTU’s. Here are the following HPC Fire Inspired™ guide lines:

  • Standard Burners up to 200K BTU
    1. Horizontal Clearance – 36″ edge of burner pan to any combustible
    2. Overhead Clearance – 84″ from top of fire pit enclosure to ceiling AND must have at least 2 open walls
NOTE: You must meet both of these criteria
  • Standard Burners 201K to 400K BTU’s
    1. Horizontal Clearance – 48″ edge of burner pan to any combustible
    2. Overhead Clearance – NO OVERHEAD STRUCTURES
  • Another clearance that HPC highly recommends your fire pit adheres to is the following:
    • There should be a 2″ minimum clearance from the bottom of manifold or valve box to grade

    If your gas fire pit adheres to these Clearance guidelines, as well as the guidelines in the previous two Tech Talks (Ventilation and Drainage), you will be able to enjoy safe and worry free fire experience!

    Check back next week when we talk about fire pit gas lines!