Designing Fire Features with HPC Fire Inspired

Ready to create a backyard oasis? Well, If you can dream it, HPC’s team can create it. HPC has the largest selection of CSA Certified fire appliances in the industry. HPC has been a trusted provider since 1975 and has curated innovative designs that are safe, reliable and stand the test of time. This Tech Talk will review our vast variety of design options that will be sure to inspire the back yard of your dreams. From our Bowl series, to our Ready to Finish units to our Engineered Custom Designs, HPC has something for everyone!

Complete Fire Features

HPC’s bowl series are ready to be installed allowing our consumers to enjoy their appliance after a few simple steps. The sleek aesthetics will elevate any back yard. Beyond the elegant designs, HPC’s technology offers ease of use and reliability. Each bowl can be paired with several different ignition styles from Match Lit to Electronic Ignition. Consumers may also select their desired burner style offered  in standard or torpedo customizing the flame pattern.

  • Aluminum Bowls-HPC’s Aluminum Spun Bowls are designed as a turn key appliance. The powder coated finish offers a concrete or walnut appearance. It’s light weight design makes it easy to install. This design can be paired with several different ignition styles.
Spun Aluminum Concrete Fire Pit Bowl with Glass
  • Copper Bowls-
    • Mesa- The hammered oiled copper finish offers an elegant aesthetic. The bowls’ sleek design is deep enough to house the control box of the remote electronic ignition as well as the match lit ignition.
    • Tempe-It’s easy to see why the Tempe is one of HPC’s top sellers. The Tempe offers a hammered oiled copper finish with a low profile stance. The control box and ignition inserts are now able to be mounted inside the bowl. The Tempe is offered in match lit or Electronic ignition styles.
    • Phoenix Trough- HPC’s largest finished bowl with an oil rubbed and hammered finish that is sure to be a true statement peace. The Phoenix is available in match lit, flame sensing, and electronic ignition styles.
    • Sedona/Sierra-The Sedona Copper bowl is deep enough to house the control box and ignition inserts inside the bowl. The Sedona offers consumers a unique design creating a modern elegant look with a hammered oil finish. The Sierra creates a classic elegant look with a smooth copper oiled finish

Fire & Water

HPC’s innovative technology pairing the elements of Fire and Water offering tranquil ambiance. HPC’s Fire and Water Features are made available in concrete and hammered copper finishes. These inserts come ready to be installed and allows consumers to cover the structure with the material of their choice. Enabling consumers the ability to design the enclosure to their desired aesthetic utilizing materials such as veneer, stucco, brick or stone.

Ready To Finish Units

Provides consumers with the ability to pick ignition and burner style as well as gas type. These units offer a wide variety of finish options. It gives consumers the ability to match their unit to their aesthetic of their home finishing the enclosure in concrete, rock, tile or brick.

Engineered Custom Designs

If you can dream it HPC can build it. HPC partners with customers to create the design to bring their visions to life. HPC’s engineered designs offer the same safe reliable features. HPC puts safety first and has worked with CSA to achieve certification. To initiate the quoting process, one must start by filling out a custom form made readily available on HPC Fire Inspired website. Once the initial details are hammered out, HPC’s Custom Specialist, Ben Wentzel will follow up to provide consultation. A CAD drawing will be completed. Then an electronic proposal will be sent for the customer to review enabling the consumer to give the final approval for HPC’s Team to commence the build.

The options are endless with HPC. Utilize HPC’s Fire Pit Selector to assist with the design process. Once you’ve selected your desired design, utilize HPC Augmented Reality App to see the fire appliance in your space. Let our dedicated Certified National Fire Institute Tech Team as well as our Customer Specialists field any questions or concerns. HPC’s Specialists will walk you through from start to finish ensuring your fire appliances exceed your desires. Reach our HPC Fire Inspired team at  937-436-9800 or at For more details about HPC Fire Inspired Offerings.

Customer Service:

HPC stands by our units with our life time guarantee, promising it will light every time rain or shine.

Let our dedicated Certified National Fire Institute Tech team as well as our Customer Specialists field any questions or concerns. Reach our HPC Fire Inspired team at  937-436-9800 or at