Understanding the Valves Utilized in HPC’s Appliances

As always, HPC wants to elevate the customer experience. Gaining a better understanding of HPC’s technology will foster a more informed consumer. This Tech Talk will focus on informing consumers about the operation of the valve technology implemented in HPC fire appliances. From HPC’s signature Key Valves to the latest Solenoid Valves, the technology paired with appliances will offer safe reliable functioning.

HPC’s Key Valve

is paired with our CSA Certified Match-lit Units (MLFPK). This valve is simplified and operates manually. To operate the MLFPK series, one must open the key valve with a ¼ turn to the on position. The valve allows for flame height adjustment from low to high. To turn off the unit the key valve needs to be turned back to the closed position.

Manual Safety Pilot Valve

This valve is paired with our CSA Certified Push Button Flame Sensing units. This valve is operated manually and should be turned to the pilot position to ignite the pilot. The Valve should be held open for at lease 20 seconds to warm the thermocouple. Next, one must turn the valve knob to the ON position to light the burner. To turn off the unit, one must turn the valve back to the pilot position which will extinguish the burner flame. Next, from the pilot position, push the knob while also turning the knob to the right. Doing so will turn OFF the pilot flame turning the appliance off. The knob controls the position of the valve allowing for flame height adjustment when the appliance is in use. The Safety Pilot Valve has an added layer of protection with the flame sensing technology. For example, in an instance that the pilot is blown out, the valve will close turning off the gas source. Giving owners peace of mind.

HPC’s Solenoid Valve

is paired with HPC’s Electronic Ignition ON/OFF and HI/LO models. The valve is operated by a control module. In the ON/OFF model there are two separate solenoid valves: including the pilot and the main valve. In the HI/LO model there are three separate solenoid valves: the Pilot Valve, Low Valve and the High Valve. The Solenoid Valve is CSA Certified and rated for outdoor use. It is more robust and is not sensitive to higher pressure. For optimal functioning, HPC recommends running units on ½ lb pressure.  This valve simplifies the operation experience for consumers. The appliance is easily turned on and off with a remote or wall switch. In addition, these models are also able to be connected with Home Automation technology.

HPC’s Honeywell 24v Valves

These valves were implemented on Electronic ignition and Hot Wire Units from previous technology. While HPC has advanced their technology and has transitioned to utilizing the Solenoid Valve;  the Honeywell Valves are still on earlier models. To operate units utilizing the Honeywell Valve it is as simple as turning it on with a remote or a wall switch. Units can also be paired with Home Automation Technology. The main difference between the Honeywell valve and the newer Solenoid Valve is that the Honeywell Valve utilizes a diaphragm to open and close the valve allowing gas to flow. HPC recommends running these units on ½ lb gas pressure to ensure proper functioning. Running the unit on higher pressure can lead to damaging the valve.  In turn, one would need to replace the valve.

Maintaining Your Appliance

There are a few simple steps that one can take to maintain your fire appliance and protect your investment. It is important to check your fire appliance regularly for any debris. Be sure to keep the burner, media, drains and vents free from leaves sticks, twigs or other flammable materials. In addition, the more you burn your unit the better. Completing regular checks will keep your appliance running optimally. If you have no plans of using the fire feature for an extended period of time, be sure to burn the unit at least once or twice a month. Utilizing a cover while the unit is not in use is also highly recommended as it adds another layer of protection.

Customer Service:

HPC stands by our units with our life time guarantee, promising it will light every time rain or shine.

Let our dedicated Certified National Fire Institute Tech team as well as our Customer Specialists field any questions or concerns. Reach our HPC Fire Inspired team at  937-436-9800 or at Info@HPCFire.com.