HPC Fire Inspired™ In House Fire Feature Appliance Testing

Many are not aware of the testing procedures we have here at HPC Fire Inspired™. Today we would like to give a little glimpse into the testing we do here at HPC Fire Inspired™ for all of our assembled CSA certified appliances. Quality control is always a large part of our production and assembly process, from spot inspection of procured parts to full burn testing of our appliances. Below are just some points involved in our fire feature testing.

Electronic Ignition ON/OFF and HI/LO

All fire feature Electronic Ignition models go through a very thorough 43 point testing procedure to assure the quality and reliability expected from HPC Fire Inspired™. It starts with inspections of assembly quality, like verifying correct burner brackets to correct screw placement of components to proper burner orifice drilling. From there the appliance is connected to gas and run through the ignition cycle. We check everything from igniter glow time to pilot ignition time. Once the ignition sequence is verified, the unit is then allowed to run and burn for a 3 minute burn time to monitor flame sensing and drop-out time. During the burn test, all joints and piping are extensively tested for gas leaks. The HI/LO Bluetooth units are then synced to the remote, and the unit is boxed immediately after testing and sent out for installation.

Push Button Flame Sense (FPPK)

While not as sophisticated as the EI units the FPPK fire features go through a 36 point testing procedure. The FPPK unit will, of course, go through the visual inspection of parts and placement of parts. All FPPK appliances are connected to gas and go through the ignition sequence to check for igniter placement and pilot ignition. The unit is ignited and burned for 3 minutes to monitor flame sensing. During burn operation, the unit will go through a very thorough leak check. Every joint and connection are checked for gas leaks before completion of the test.

Match-Lit (MLFPK)

Even the simplest ignition system fire feature appliance built at HPC Fire Inspired™ manufactures goes through a 21 point test procedure. All specifications are verified from burner bracket placement to orifice sizing is checked before connected to gas. Once ignited, all joints, piping, and flex lines are tested for any leaks or defects.

HPC Fire Inspired™ puts all of our certified appliances through testing to ensure the quality our customers are expecting, and more importantly to ensure a safe operating appliance our customers expect. Check back next week for the latest insight from HPC Fire Inspired™.

HPC Fire Feature Testing.