In the vast world of consumer goods, electronics, appliances, and other manufactured products, model numbers are more than just a series of digits and letters. These identifiers are the unsung heroes that help us navigate through a sea of choices. In this article, we will delve into the importance of HPC Fire Inspired product model numbers and their nomenclature; revealing the meaning behind these alphanumeric codes that adorn the labels of our favorite gadgets and appliances.

At its core, an HPC Fire Inspired model number serves as a unique identifier for each product. In a marketplace flooded with similar items, it distinguishes one from another, preventing confusion among consumers, retailers, and manufacturers.

Beyond mere identification, model numbers are designed to convey information about a product’s unique features, specifications, or variations. For instance, an HPC fire model number reveals details about burner and pan types, the size, gas type of the appliance as well as the BTU rating of the fire feature.

HPC strives to provide optimal Customer service and tech support to enhance the overall experience for our consumers.  Model numbers are the first point of reference for our support teams, enabling us to swiftly identify the specific product allowing our team to provide targeted assistance.

Two of the most important pieces of information our customers should retain when they have purchased an HPC Fire Inspired insert are the model numbers and serial numbers of the appliance. HPC’s support team can ascertain when a product was manufactured, aiding in identifying precise warranty terms as well as proper service care.

For consumers, understanding model numbers empowers them to make informed purchasing decisions. The ability to decipher these codes allows buyers to choose products that align with their preferences, needs, and technological requirements.

Here is a more in depth look at HPC’s 3 signature lines of fire pit insert appliances broken down into ignition style: From Electronic Ignition, to Push Button Flame Sensing and Match-Lit deciphering their unique meaning.

As you follow along the outlined examples you will see what each sequence of letters and numbers signify. The first letters reveal the type of burner. The next sequence of letters indicate the ignition style. The following numbers reveal the dimensions of the pan and the next set of letters describe the shape of the pan. The next set of letters indicates the type of line run from the valve to the burner. The next set of letters will either be LP or NG indicating the gas type of the appliance. Lastly the final set of letters and numbers reveals the voltage.

ON/OF Electronic Ignition (EI)

HI/LO Bluetooth Electronic Ignition (EI)

Push Button Flame Sensing (FPPK)

Match-Lit (MLFPK)

These are just a few examples of our product model numbers and nomenclature.

  • TOR stands for TORPEDO burner, if that isn’t at the beginning then it is a standard burner.
  • H indicates an HPC H burner.
  • EI is electronic ignition
  • MLFPK stands for Match Lit Fire Pit Kit
  • FFPK stands for Push Button Flame Sensing Ignition
  • TRGH stands for TROUGH style pan
  • SQ stands for square pan
  • BL indicates an HPC Fire bowl

Along with this information you can see how we incorporate Ignition style, pan type, unit size and gas type within the model number to create an understanding of the equipment just by looking at a few numbers and letters.

In the intricate dance between manufacturers, retailers, and consumers, HPC’s model numbers emerge as indispensable companions, weaving through the fabric of product identification, management, and support. As we navigate the marketplace, armed with the knowledge to decode these alphanumeric strings, we gain a deeper appreciation for the precision and utility embedded in HPC model numbers. So, the next time you glance at the label of your favorite gadget or appliance, take a moment to decipher the code—it’s your key to unlocking the story behind the product. Partner with HPC, a tried and true provider for all of your outdoor living needs. Contact our team at 937-436-9800.