An HPC Fire Inspired Gas fire pit can extend the use of your outdoor space, while elevating the overall aesthetic. Our NFI Certified Tech experts often field questions around incorporating gas fire features under various types of outdoor coverings. As always, our team strives to bring consumers’ dreams to a reality while maintaining safety and integrity. Therefore, for this Tech Talk, our experts want to outline the critical factors to take into consideration when pairing fire features under structures. While installing fire features under outdoor structures is possible; it is crucial to adhere to the installation guidelines to ensure safe usage.

Hot tub with Fire Features on the sides

Safety Guidelines Matter

Safety is HPC’s top priority, by educating our consumers we can  prevent potential hazards. With a little preparation and consideration we can empower our consumers to make safe and aesthetically pleasing design choices. Considering factors such as: equipment selection, clearance and ventilation requirements, materials used, as well as  local regulations,  will ensure the safe installation of a gas fire designs.

Important Factors

Prior to selecting your HPC Fire Inspired design familiarize yourself with the space for the installation. In the planning stages, HPC’s Installation and Troubleshooting APP, known as HITS, offers consumers guidance around proper installation and fire pit selection. In addition, HPC advises consumers to carefully review installation instructions, verifying proper clearances, and encouraging consumers to contact HPC’s experts with any questions or concerns. Taking these steps will best inform consumers in the selection of the proper sized fire pit for their design specifications.


When installing fire designs under a covered area, HPC recommends utilizing units that are rated no more than 200K BTU. Units rated as 200K and below will have an over head clearance to combustibles of 84” above the unit. In addition to the overhead clearance, there must be at least 2 open walls in any covered area to install an HPC gas burning fire pit safely. HPC Does not recommend any unit above 200K BTUs to be installed in a covered area as it can present as a fire hazard.


Proper ventilation is critical to the safe functioning of an HPC fire pit. Ventilation prevents the buildup of residual gas fumes. For units rated as 200k BTUs or less, HPC recommends installing a minimum of 2  ventilation openings measuring at least 18 inches, installed 180 degrees apart on the enclosure. In addition, make sure to maintain proper airflow around the covered structure. Doing so will create a comfortable environment for all to enjoy.

Importance Of Material Selection

Choosing to utilize fire-resistant materials for the construction of outdoor pergolas or covered porches will give consumers peace of mind. Non-combustible materials, such as stone, brick, or metal, are preferable. Proper selection of materials minimizes the risk of hazardous fires and enhances the overall safety of the installation. Adhering to proper clearances for combustible and use of fire resistant materials acts as an added layer of protection ensuring your fire desires will remain safe and reliable.

Professional Installation

While HPC tests every aspect of our fire appliances, proper installation ensures the overall safety of gas fire features.  HPC recommends utilizing a licensed professional installer to set up your gas fire feature. Professionals can ensure proper connection, ventilation, and compliance with safety standards. In addition, licensed professionals will be familiar with the local building department and can secure proper permits if it is required. Compliance with local codes and manufacturers’ clearances ensures that the installation meets safety standards as well as local legal requirements.

As added layer of safety, always have a fire extinguisher nearby. Ensure that everyone in the household knows its’ location and understands how to use it properly. This precautionary measure can make all the difference in case of emergencies.

Customer Support

Installing an HPC Fire Inspired gas fire pit under a pergola or covering can enhance ones’ outdoor living experience. With careful consideration of safety measures, selecting the proper equipment and maintaining clearances to combustibles, homeowners can enjoy their custom outdoor oasis.

Always prioritize safety and consult with professionals if in doubt about any aspect of the installation process. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 937-436-9800. Let our NFI certified technicians provide guidance around all your fire design needs.

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