HPC Dealer Distributor Newsletter: HPBA 2022

HPC extends our gratitude to our host in Atlanta GA for the Hearth Patio and Barbecue Expo. Among many of our signature designs, the Universal Gas Orifice (UGO) and the new smaller Ignition box drummed up quite the excitement. UGO enables consumers to switch gas type in a few simple steps. HPC’s new ignition box designs allows for installation in shallow enclosures. Look for these technologies as they are set to launch later this year.

HPC at the HPBA conference 2022

Mobile Education:

HPC’s new Product Display Trailer will be an interactive experience allowing you to see all of our latest products in action. HPC’s Training Trailer allows HPC to highlight some of our most popular designs; from our Aluminum Spun Bowls outfitted with our patented Torpedo burner, to our new sport pit portable series. Also making an appearance on the trailer are HPC’s signature copper bowls as well as HPC’s Forno de Pizza oven from our outdoor cooking line. HPC is excited to travel to you to share our knowledge and expertise.

HPC's Van and Trailer
Fire Features on HPC's Trailer

To schedule an appointment with HPC’s Training Trailer, be sure to contact Ashley Wood, Inside Sales Supervisor at AshleyW@hpcfire.com.

Employee Spotlight:

Chuck Parsons

Chuck Parsons has been with HPC for almost 13 years. Initially, Chuck was hired as an HPC Tech. Prior to HPC, Chuck worked in the HVAC industry for over 20 years. His experience prepared him for his new role and allowed him to quickly become an expert on gas appliances. Chuck continues to grow personally as well as provides support to nurture the growth of his fellow HPC team members. Currently Chuck acts as HPC’s Customer Service Tech. He fields all technical questions guiding customers and providing solutions. Per Chuck, “I truly love what I do. HPC is a wonderful place to work. I enjoy problem solving mechanical issues providing solutions to dealers and customers. The people at HPC are what sets it apart from other companies.”

Chuck is gearing up for another promotion as the Training and Education Manager. He will lead internal office trainings as well as seminars with dealers to increase education around our product offerings. Currently, he is assisting putting finishing touches on HPC University and will continue to keep the content up to date and relevant.

Chuck shines bright at HPC and we appreciate his hard work and dedication to his team as he is always ready to help out in any way.

Spring Maintenance:

Spring is in the air and it is time to perform some simple maintenance tasks to ensure your appliance is ready to be fired up for the season. HPC recommends regular maintenance to extend the longevity of your design. Below are a few action steps to take specific to each ignition style.


Perform a visual inspection of burner and pilot assembly. This may involve removing the media. It is a good time to remove any residue from the meadow. HPC recommends cleaning it with warm mild soapy water. Ensure there are no cracks in the burner. Inspect the pilot assembly to confirm there are no signs of damage, this includes the igniter, hood, and thermocouple. Ensure ventilation openings on the enclosure are not covered with leaves or debris. With the gas line in the closed position, turn the circuit breaker on and apply power to the unit. This will allow you to verify that the igniter is working properly. The igniter should glow if it is working properly. Upon confirming that the igniter is working properly, the media can be returned to the pan. Next, reconnect the unit to the gas line and open the service valve to the gas line. Lastly, apply power to your fire appliance. Don’t be alarmed if it takes a few cycles to bleed the gas lines as this is common if the fire appliance has been sitting unused for a period of time.


Start the inspection by removing the media from the pan. Take a moment to cleanse the media with mild soapy water. Next perform a visual inspection of burner and pilot assembly. Ensure there are no cracks in burner and that the pilot assembly is not visibly damaged. HPC recommends installing a new battery into the spark module and push the igniter button in to ensure the igniter has good spark. Ensure that the enclosure ventilation openings free of debris. Turn the gas line on and fire up your fire appliance. It may take a few cycles to bleed the gas lines. This is typical if the appliance has gone unused for a period of time.


Remove media from the pan and cleanse it with mild soapy water. Next inspect burner for cracks and remove any debris from the pan. Be sure the ventilation openings are clear of leaves and debris. Next, turn on the gas line on and fire up the fire appliance.

Spring maintenance takes very little time and is critical to the operation of the equipment. Contact HPC Fired Inspired™ tech line 877-433-7001 to talk to one of our NFI certified professionals to assist with the service of your appliance.

Stay Up To Date:

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