HPC Dealer/Distributor Newsletter – August

Continuous Improvement of the user’s experience when dealing with HPC is our way of living one of our key Core Values.

HPC takes inspiration from St. Francis of Assisi: “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” Our team takes intentional actions to improve processes and functions passing benefits on to our consumers. We are dedicated to sharing our knowledge as we continue to grow and lead the industry. This newsletter will highlight some of the latest evolutions HPC is putting into place.

Website Refresh Coming Soon

HPC is always evolving and growing. As we continue to put out content to promote knowledge, we have taken steps to enhance our website. We have created search options allowing users to access documents such as drawings or instructions more easily. Overall, our customers drive us to do better and the latest changes will facilitate an educational and interactive experience.

Training and Education Center / Showroom Open House Date Coming Soon

HPC’s focus on training and education elevates our overall service truly setting us apart from competitors. In addition to HPC University, HPC has acquired a facility that will showcase our products as well as create a dedicated space to host training and education programs. Our team remains dedicated and we are excited about this new opportunity. HPC is actively preparing the space. Keep an eye out for the official grand opening. In addition, contact Chuck Parsons at Chuckp@hpcfire.com for the opportunity to schedule hands-on training as well as meet our team.

New Fire Feature Showroom
Sarah Alcorn

HPC Employee Spotlight

Sarah Alcorn has been holding down Accounts Receivables for HPC since June of 2021. Sarah is from South Vienna and graduated from North Eastern High school. She currently resides in Riverside. Sarah brings so much to the table. She has a Masters in Business from Wright State. She is a true scholar and continues to take accounting courses to sharpen her skills. Prior to joining HPC, Sarah worked as an accountant and serviced local Dayton area schools. She enjoyed her work but was drawn to HPC for the many growth opportunities. Sarah is dedicated, hardworking and enjoys a challenge as well as problem-solving. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family. She especially loves the outdoors and taking her chihuahua and pit bull for adventures. Sarah has been a great addition to our team. As HPC continues to grow, Sarah will be ready and willing to go above and beyond to service our customers. Thank you Sarah for all you do and we are excited to shine a light on you.

HPC University

Our Team has been working hard to curate HPC University offering educational materials around all of HPC’s offerings. HPC has utilized it internally to educate employees and it is now being made available to dealers. HPC University will further enhance their knowledge increasing their ability to serve HPC customers. Don’t miss out on advancing your knowledge. We are excited to offer access September 1, 2022 as we are developing additional content to service all your needs.

Current topics include:

  • Burners
  • Ignition Systems
  • Gas Types
  • Outdoor Product Line
  • Indoor Product Line
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Quality Assurance
  • Service & Warranty

We are always looking to add more content that will enhance the customer experience. We pride ourselves in our connection with our customers. Have a topic of interest? Let us know and Chuck Parsons will share is knowledge with you. All inquiries can be sent to chuck@hpcfire.com

HPCs Summer of Pizza Giveaway:

HPC’s Forno de Pizza Hybrid Oven utilizes a 3 part design: the monolithic oven, hearth and cart. The igloo shape that the Forno De Pizza employs is a proven method of cooking that has been around for nearly one thousand years. Unlike other ovens on the market, HPC Forno de Pizza does not require a chimney stack. Our exclusive ventilation technology allows the oven to retain the smoke and heat longer yielding bolder flavors and even cooking. In addition, the hybrid gas and wood model enables the oven to reach temperature quickly as well as maintain its temperature without having to tend to the flame as much as a wood-burning oven.The design of the Forno de Pizza creates the foundation for marrying conduction, convection and radiant heat yielding perfectly cooked flavorful meals. Sounds appealing, right? Don’t miss out on your chance to win a signature HPC Forno de Pizza Gas/Wood Hybrid Oven valuing over $8500! Head to hpcfire.com/pizza-giveaway to get further details. The Summer Giveaway deadline is approaching, as this promotion will expire Labor Day.

Portable Pizza Oven

Get In The Know:

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