As Summer draws to an end and Fall rolls in, you can embrace the seasonal changes by extending your outdoor living space with an HPC Fire Inspired Gas Fire Feature. The cooler temperatures don’t mean that your outdoor entertaining season has to be over. Let HPC Fire Inspired Light the way for creating memorable moments allowing you to customize your outdoor space with one of our signature fire designs. Offering warmth to enjoy the respite of your very own backyard oasis all year long. In this article, we will explore ways HPC’s fire designs can extend the use of outdoor living area as well as share helpful tips to get the most out of your outdoor features.

Provides Warmth For Your Gathering

The primary function of a gas fire pit is to provide heat. When the temperature starts to dip, firing up your gas fire pit can instantly transform your outdoor space into a cozy retreat. Whether you’re enjoying a crisp fall evening or a chilly winter night, the warmth from the fire pit will keep you comfortable.

With HPC CSA certified appliances offered in various ranges from 65K BTU all the way up to 400K BTU, you’re sure to find the correct size and design to accentuate your outdoor living style. A gas fire pit isn’t just about heat; it’s also about creating a welcoming atmosphere. The flickering flames and radiant heat draw people in, making your outdoor area a natural gathering spot. Offering opportunities to host family and friends as well as creates a space that fosters peaceful solitude allowing one to get relief from the stressors of the day.


HPC Fire Inspired gas fire pits come in a wide range of designs and styles, allowing you to choose one that complements your outdoor space. From sleek and modern to rustic and traditional, each fire design can be customized to enhance your space. From accent features to true focal points HPC has it all. Whether your outdoor space is small and intimate or large and expansive there is an HPC fire feature that will suit the specifications of your space, as well as your lifestyle and entertaining needs. HPC offers augmented reality to assist consumers in the design phase. Just select the desired design scanning your space and you can see a 3-D rendering right before your eyes. Need further consultation? HPC prides itself on you customer service. Contact one of HPC’s fire experts at  937-436-9800 and our one of our team members will be happy to service your needs.

Advantages Of Gas Fire Features

One of the greatest advantages of gas fire features is that they require little to low maintenance. Unlike wood-burning options, gas fire designs don’t produce ashes or require frequent cleaning. In addition, gas fire pits offer modern conveniences and ease of use.

Gas fire pits offer appealing safety features giving owners peace of mind. All HPC Fire designs are curated with built in safety features that control flame height and ignition systems. Gas fire features eliminate the risk of flying embers and sparks associated with wood-burning fires. With an HPC gas fire design there is no need to gather firewood and maintain the flame; just simply apply power to the unit and you can instantly enjoy the warmth and ambiance of the flame.

The warmth provided by HPC Fire designs extends the patio season. Take advantage this by enjoying dinner al fresco gathered around your HPC Fire Inspired feature. Dining and snacking around the fire pit makes for an easy family gathering offering opportunities to connect. From full meals to the ever classic s’mores, with a simple flip of a switch, you and your family can  immediately enjoy a meal and each others’ company.


In conclusion, a gas-burning fire pit is an excellent investment for extending your outdoor living season. It provides warmth, ambiance, and versatility to your outdoor space, making it enjoyable during all seasons. With various designs available and low maintenance requirements, a gas fire pit is a practical and stylish addition to your home that will allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature during all seasons. Don’t miss out on the memorable moments that can be created around a signature HPC Fire Inspired design.

If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call at

937-436-9800. Let our NFI certified technicians provide guidance around all your fire design needs.

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