Incorporating fire features into your property can create an inviting oasis that sets your space apart; offering guests a memorable and enchanting experience. Partnering with HPC Fire Inspired will ensure you have safe, reliable designs that will stand the test of time. Safety is of the utmost importance.

When it comes to fire pit safety for commercial and rental properties, there are several important considerations to keep in mind to ensure the safety of guests as well as minimize the risks for accidents or injuries. In this Tech Talk, our team would like to highlight several critical guidelines to follow.

Check Local Regulations & Choose A Safe Installation Location

Before installing or using a fire pit on your property, check with local authorities to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations, zoning laws, and any permits that may be required. Select a suitable location for the fire pit that is away from any structures, overhanging branches, or flammable materials. Ensure there is adequate ventilation and space around the fire pit.

Use a Fire Pit with Safety Features

With HPC you are guaranteed curated designs that are outfitted with safety features; each design is CSA certified and has added features such as our safety pilot which will turn off the gas supply if blown out after multiple attempts, and the Limit Switch which prevents overheating damage. Opting for a fire pit that is designed with safety features such as a sturdy base, spark screen, and heat-resistant materials can provide added layers of protection to users. In addition, professionals advise against the use of open-pit fires or homemade fire pits, especially in commercial and rental property settings.

Provide Clear Instructions

The use of fire features can allow guests the opportunity to relax and unwind. If the fire pit is available for use by guests or tenants, provide clear instructions on how to safely operate it.  Supply users with information on fire safety best practices; including how to properly light and extinguish a fire, the dangers of leaving a fire unattended, and the importance of following safety guidelines.


Ensure that the fire pit is always supervised when in use, especially if it is being used by guests or tenants. Assign responsible staff members to monitor the fire and enforce safety rules. In the rental setting, be sure to outline the safety rules advising proper use of the fire feature.

Keep Fire Extinguishers Handy

Have fire extinguishers readily available near the fire pit in case of emergencies. Ensure that staff members are trained how to use them effectively.

Establish Clear Rules

Set rules for the use of the fire pit, such as prohibiting the use of accelerants, fireworks, or combustible materials. Enforce these rules consistently to maintain safety standards.

Regular Maintenance

Perform regular inspections and maintenance of the fire pit to ensure that it remains in good working condition. Clean out any debris, inspect the appliance for damage and replace worn-out parts as needed. HPC advises owners to adhere to a set maintenance schedule having the fire appliance inspected annually to ensure proper operation.

By following these guidelines and prioritizing fire safety, you can create a welcoming and enjoyable outdoor environment while minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries. Let HPC’s designs enhance your outdoor living and entertaining space creating opportunities to create memorable moments.