New Product Review 2023

HPC is ringing in the New Year in style. Behind the scenes, our team of experts have been hard at work creating innovative designs utilizing the latest and greatest safety and technological advances. We are  excited to share all of the new offerings that will be made available in 2023! HPC is living out their mission as these designs are truly inspired by safety and innovated for your lifestyle.

A word that inspired these new technologies is Kaizen. Kaizen is a Japanese word that means continuous improvement. It is based on the idea that small ongoing positive changes can reap significant improvements. HPC is focused on our customers and is constantly striving to provide the utmost care paired with unparalleled technological designs.

Don’t miss out on the latest and greatest that HPC Fire Inspired has to offer! Here is what’s coming in 2023!

Smart Arc Ignition System

HPC’s new game changing ignition system eliminates the pilot valve circuit as well as pilot plumbing. In a traditional ignition system you will see a main pilot, thermocouple, igniter, and main gas valve. HPC’s Smart Arc operates utilizing an electric igniter and a main valve which simplifies its’ operation as well as increases its’ reliability. The new technology creates an electrical spark that opens the main valve creating the ignition. CSA has already approved HPC’s Smart Arc Ignition as a component and is currently under review for full appliance certification. This great technology will first be made available in HPC’s Tiki Torches and will be ready for this summer!

HPC’s Home Automation

HPC cares for our consumers and is always striving to streamline their experience. HPC’s Home Automation technology is operative utilizing systems such as Google or Amazon. With a few simple words you can safely activate your appliance to enjoy your experience. Pair the Home Automation with our signature Electronic Ignition units. Safety is at the forefront of every advancement and HPC is consulting with CSA to receive guidance to achieve full certification

HPC Smoker

HPC is further expanding the outdoor dining experience with our Patented Vortex Smoker. The technology offers unique benefits. This smoker is built to last as it is made from robust stainless steel that is resistant to wear and tear from outdoor elements. The conical lid allows the food to sit higher on the flame improving smoke penetration building layers of flavor in your meals. Its’ sleek aesthetically pleasing design holds temperature well promoting efficient and even cooking. Don’t miss out, as our latest outdoor dining advancement will be available this Summer!


HPC’s Universal Gas Orifice (UGO)

This Technology is going to revolutionize the industry, every installer will want to have a UGO on their tool belt. The UGO streamlines processes passing on endless benefits to our consumers. What once could be a costly error, is easily fixed with the UGO. Consumers won’t need to fret as the UGO enables for easy transition from Propane gas to Natural gas and vice versa.

The conversion is complete in just a few simple steps. The well thought out technology eliminates the need for added parts to convert the fuel sources for fire appliances. The Universal Gas Orifice can handle either Natural Gas (NG) or Liquid Propane (LG). This technology has received CSA certification. The Gas Orifice can be paired with any of HPC’s technology available in Match Lit, Spark Ignition, Electronic Ignition, Bluetooth, and Home Automation. HPC thought of everything making the technology available in 3 sizes:  3/8”, ½”, and ¾”;  suiting all needs allowing the technology to be paired with fire appliances ranging from 65K to over 400k BTUs. HPC’s team received the honorable industry VESTA award for the UGO technology. This great advancement is available this Summer!

HPC’s Investment in Knowledge

Last but not least, HPC’s Research and Design Facility and HPC University will create an interactive experience with our product lines. To further perpetuate the principle for continuous improvement, HPC has invested in the R&D Center as well as HPC University. HPC believes that knowledge is power. The R&D Center as well as HPC University is an investment in education that will expand the knowledge of all of HPC offerings. Making our dealers and consumers more informed. Visit As this knowledge is available to you now!

As we enter into the New Year, HPC wants to extend our gratitude for a wonderful 2022. Let HPC help you create more memorable moments in 2023. Reach out to our team of experts at 937-436-9800 to plan the backyard of your dreams.