HPC’s Latest Technology: Universal Gas Orifice Coming To You Summer 2023

The Universal Gas Orifice started off as an idea to simplify and streamline consumer experiences. With the hard work and dedication of our HPC team members it has turned into a reality that will surely be a game changer for the industry. HPC has received the honorable VESTA award for this truly innovative idea. As a leader in the fire and hearth field, HPC is committed to raising the bar by offering the latest technological advances creating safe and reliable products that stand the test of time. This Tech Talk will focus on all that HPC’s UGO technology will offer.

What UGO Offers:

The well thought out technology eliminates the need for added parts to convert the fuel sources for fire appliances. The Universal Gas Orifice can handle either Natural Gas (NG) or Liquid Propane (LG). This technology has received CSA certification. The Gas Orifice can be paired with any of HPC’s technology available in Match Lit, Spark Ignition, Electronic Ignition, Bluetooth, and Home Automation. HPC thought of everything making the technology available in 3 sizes: 3/8”, ½”, and ¾”; suiting all needs allowing the technology to be paired with fire appliances ranging from 65K to over 400k BTUs.

Universal Gas Orifice

Gas Conversion 3 Step Process:

Converting your appliance to a different fuel source is an easy process with UGO. Start by turning off the gas supply. Next, loosen the set screw located on the collar of the orifice. Then, rotate the collar to open the Propane/LP Venturi openings. Once aligned, retighten the set screw. Next, with a flat head screwdriver rotate the orifice ¼ turn to LP position. Lastly, turn the gas line back on the integrated air mixer. This process can be repeated to convert to Natural Gas. For more details about the conversion process check out HPC’s How To video, created by our very own in-house expert, Chuck Parsons HPC’s Training and Education Manager.

Benefits Of UGO:

This Technology is going to revolutionize the industry, every installer will want to have a UGO on their tool belt. The UGO streamlines processes passing on endless benefits to our consumers. What once could be a costly error, is easily fixed with the UGO. Consumers won’t need to fret as the UGO enables for easy transition from Propane gas to Natural gas and vice versa.

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Customer Service:

Sean Steimle, CEO of HPC Fire Inspired, states: “This revolutionary technology will result in various benefits to our OEM’s, Distributors, Dealers, Installers and Consumers.” Every HPC design is inspired by safety and innovated for consumer lifestyles. HPC offers something for everyone. HPC values our consumers and well as our market partners. Let our Customer Specialists elevate your experiences and service your needs. Reach us at 937-436-9800. Join us in lighting the way in the fire and outdoor entertainment industry.