Why Kiosks and Display Stands Work in Retail

Kiosk’s and display stands showcase product and interact with the store customer in a very engaging way. Walk into any store and you will see applications of kiosks or display stands, they stand out and engage the consumer. It is interesting, informative and different. Kiosk’s and display stands also offer another opportunity to the retailer that uses them. It gives there staff an immediate idea of what that customer is looking for. I know what you are thinking, “If they are looking at an item in my store I know what they are interested in” and yes, you are correct but display stands and kiosk’s should not just sell that single item they are looking for. Retailcustomerexperience.com outlines what an omnichannel strategy is, and a seamless blend is the best way to convert new customers into advocates for your store. It should showcase other products that the consumer did not think they needed, giving your sales representative the ability to up-sell or sell related products in less time.

Our kiosk not only displays fire pit burners but also a step by step guide to building a gas fire pit as well as a take away piece of literature if they are not ready to buy during that visit. It is big, bold and draws the eye even in a crowded store. Our fire pit insert display stands elevate the product so that you can look at it from all sides and showcase all three ignition styles. By showcasing the ignition styles this allows for the consumer to interact with each style. If they are looking at a match lit fire pit insert you may be able to up-sell to a push button flame sensing fire pit insert model or even an electronic ignition model due to the added safety features of those inserts.

​As with all kiosk’s, display stands and banner kits etc. that companies offer, we believe you know your customers and the buying journey they are on more than anyone. You know them personally; you may even know their family, kids etc. This gives you a unique perspective on what they want to see and information they are looking for. With this in mind we want to know what we can do as a manufacturer to help you. Please fill out the survey below to let us know what you want to see from us. All feedback is greatly appreciated.