With the increasing popularity of gas fire pits, there’s a growing demand for tailored solutions that reflect individual style and preferences. HPC partners with consumers to customize our signature fire designs to elevate their style and further enhance outdoor living spaces. Customization with HPC offers safe reliable designs that are sure to stand the test of time. In this Tech Talk, HPC will highlight benefits of custom fire pits as well as how HPC continues to evolve to support the increasing demand of our loyal consumers without sacrificing the safety and quality of each design.

Custom Fire Pit

Benefits Of Customization

In an era where cookie-cutter designs are losing favor, homeowners and businesses alike are embracing the art of personalization. Custom fire pits by HPC Fire Inspired becomes an extension of one’s unique taste, adding a touch of individuality to outdoor environments. Whether it’s a cozy backyard retreat or a sprawling commercial patio, the ability to customize fosters a sense of ownership and pride.

HPC’s Custom Configurator

HPC’s team of experts are always striving for continuous improvement to elevate consumer experience and satisfaction. In a strategic move to keep up with the demand of custom designs, HPC is proud to announce our Custom Design Configurator.

Soon consumers will be able to visit HPC’s webpage selecting design specs through HPC’s Custom Configurator. In turn, customers will receive an immediate quote for their desired design. Our team is currently Beta testing the configurator ensuring that it will be ready to launch in 2024! This will allow consumers immediate access to quoting information expediting service delivery.

Offering fast quotes can give your business a competitive edge. Customers prioritize suppliers who can provide timely and efficient services, including quick quotes for custom products. Customers facing tight timelines will benefit from quick quoting. Providing instantaneous quotes can facilitate the decision-making process and lead to faster transactions allowing shorter lead times to complete jobs.

HPC Never Compromises Safety And Quality

HPC has worked tirelessly with CSA to set the standards regarding safety for custom designs. Per the American National Standards Institute, all outdoor decorative fire appliances must be fully assembled and tested by the manufacturer. HPC’s Quality Control team, conducts the CSA required testing of outdoor decorative fire appliances based on ANSI Z21.97-2020 standards. In addition, HPC also follows internal processes to ensure each unit has been tooled and assembled properly as well as verifying that each design functions optimally. In addition, HPC and CSA have developed an equation to determine proper placement of ports and verified maximum BTU’s for each unit. These maximum BTU requirements are based on ½ lb pressure.

  • Mach-Lit Units (MLFPK): BTU 65,000 BTU
  • Push Button Flame Sense (FPPK): BTU 250,000 BTU
  • Electronic Ignition (EI): BTU 400,000 BTU

Customer Satisfaction

HPC has tailored its custom fire pit quoting approach to ensure that each consumer receives an immediate estimate for their custom design enabling our team to deliver personalized designs more expeditiously.

From aesthetics to safety and environmental impact, partnering with HPC to create a unique customized design allows consumers to curate an outdoor living space of their dreams.

Want more details? Please contact us at 937-436-9800 and let our NFI certified technicians provide guidance around all your fire design needs.

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