Tips To Style Your HPC Fire Pit

HPC Fire Inspired offers a vast variety of fire appliances to create a statement piece for your outdoor space. Our engineer and design team have fashioned timeless pieces that offer sleek designs that are safe and reliable withstanding the test off time. Selecting a design can be streamlined by utilizing HPC’s Fire Pit Selector. HPC’s Fire Pit Selector assists our consumers in identifying the fire appliance that will best suit the overall aesthetic as well as the specs of the design space. From our Ready to Finish Units, to our Copper Bowl series, to HPC’s Concrete bowls; there is something to fit every need and style. Creating a look for your outdoor space that is both functional and beautiful doesn’t have to be complicated. With a little planning and consideration you can have the outdoor entertaining area of your dreams. Here are HPC’s sure-fire tips to curating and styling your HPC Fire appliance.

Selecting Your Fire Feature:

HPC offers over 400 CSA certified appliances as well as made to order appliances which can be paired with natural gas or propane available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each appliance is available in several ignition styles: Match Lit, Push Button/Flame Sense Control, or Electronic Ignition. When choosing your desired appliance, HPC encourages consumers to survey the area of their intended installation site taking into consideration the gas type of the appliance, clearances, location to water and potential need for a power source. Utilizing HPC’s Fire Pit Selector will aid consumers in the process of choosing an appliance that is best suited for the needs of the space.

Once you have selected your desired fire appliance, utilize HPC Fire Augmented Reality APP to see your design in your space. By scanning the area you can see a 3D rendering of the fire feature. HPC’s AR APP breathes life into the design process enabling consumers to visualize what their finished product will look like against existing structures.

Recommended Materials To Style An HPC Fire Appliance:

Material Selection:
When planning your design of the enclosure surrounding your fire appliance, there are several factors that one should take into consideration. The make up of materials used is import in terms of withstanding elements and extreme temperatures. In addition, the design of the materials will contribute to the overall look.

Custom Burner in the ground

The selection of materials used is very important. It is imperative that all materials are rated for outdoor use and are fire safe. Ideal materials to utilize are Stainless Steel, Stacked Stone and Natural Stone. These materials are able to withstand outdoor elements and are resistant to heat. In additions, stacked stone as well as natural stone are available in a variety of colors and patterns that can achieve any desired aesthetic.

Honing in on the desired aesthetic will narrow down the options. At this stage, be sure to consider the existing structures and materials that are surrounding your space. Taking into consideration the overall design will allow you to make selections that will compliment your overall aesthetic.

  • Modern Style- If you’re looking for something sleek and modern, consider using clean lines and geometric shape tiles in your design. Glass mosaic tiles come in a variety of color patterns which offers endless possibilities for creating a beautiful statement piece. For an understated Modern look, utilizing a monochromatic color scheme will seamlessly tie the appliance into the design. Polished white porcelain tiles will create a modern look that will reflect the flames of your appliance creating an ambient setting.
  • Classically Chic- If you desire a more classic timeless look consider using traditional materials like stone, brick or tile. Utilizing subway tiles offers a clean look that is both sustainable and easy to maintain.
  • Opulent Luxury- If you’re going for a more luxurious look, materials such as marble or granite will create a look exuding classic elegance.
  • Natural- If you desire to create a warm natural look consider using natural stone such as limestone. Limestone comes in array of color pallets offering versatility to match existing structures. In addition, Limestone maintains a moderate temperature so it will not become hot to the touch. The natural look creates an inviting space perfect for cozy gatherings.
Stacked Stone Fire Pit
Stone Fire Pit

Customer Service:

“Every great design begins with an even better story, Lorinda Mamo, Creative Entrepreneur.”
Let HPC Fire Inspired enhance your story helping you to create a centerpiece that offers functional timeless designs allowing you to create lasting memories with family and friends.

HPC prides itself on the service of our consumers through the development of quality and safe products, providing education and accessibility to certified Fire Feature Experts. Have any questions or concerns, contact Chuck Parsons and our NFI Certified Tech Team at 937-436-9800.