Universal Natural Gas or Liquid Propane

Universal Millivolt valve kit with a flex line connection to the main burner- for Natural Gas or LP. Uses Robert Shaw gas valve, 82k Btu that may be controlled with a wall switch, remote control or timer.

Kit Includes:

  • Robert Shaw 7000Series Valve (#202), 82k Btu
  • 18” Pilot Assembly with mounting bracket
  • 10” Black Stainless Steel Flex Lines (2)
  • Insulated Heat Shield with On/Off switch on the front
  • 225° High Limit Switch on the valve
  • Air Mixer / Orifice, Vermiculite and LP pilot orifice
  • Assorted fittings for various burner threads

This millivolt kit is compatible with:

  • Thermostats: All
  • Timers: All
  • Remote Controls: RCK-I, RCK-K, RCK-B, and RCK-D