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HPC Fire Inspired – Outdoor Gas Fireplace Burner

DAYTON, OH – First, the problem: Homeowners may love the warmth and comfort of a wood fire in their outdoor living space, but their neighbors probably don’t love the smoke that wafts freely across property lines. Now for a solution: the industry’s first certified outdoor gas fireplace burner has been launched by HPC Fire Inspired™, the world’s leading outdoor gas fire pit manufacturer, which not only eliminates the smoke from the fireplace but also makes the fireplace much easier to operate.

These Outdoor Gas Fireplace Burners are the industry’s first fireplace products tested and listed to industry safety and performance standards. These fireplace burners transform a polluting wood-burning fireplace into an easily installed, clean, and convenient gas fireplace. Push-button or electronic ignition models are available, as well as models that can be operated by a smartphone. Several styles are offered, such as dual-step burners or linear burners that stretch up to six-feet-long. Kits are also available with grates and refractory fireplace logs included, to give the outdoor fireplace a full aesthetic treatment.

“Wood burning outdoor fireplaces have been a nuisance in many communities,” comments HPC CEO Sean Steimle. “The HPC Outdoor Fireplace Burners not only do away with the dirty wood smoke, but they’re also a breeze to operate. The end result,” he adds, “is that homeowners will use their outdoor fireplaces much more.”

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HPC, based in Dayton, Ohio, is the leading manufacturer of gas fire features and fire-and-water features for residential and commercial applications. Its products are available through hundreds of specialty retailers and select online merchants. HPC Fire Inspired™ –

Chad Ewing
Marketing/Technical Svc. Mgr.