HPC acquires Forno de Pizza,
a multi-purpose hybrid gas/wood oven

HPC Fire Inspired™, the leading gas fire pit manufacturer, has acquired all intellectual property, designs, and assets of Forno de Pizza out of Grand Haven, MI. Hugo Laranja will join HPC, as the Business Development Manager for HPC Outdoor Cooking Product Line. The Hybrid Gas/Wood is perfect for cooking pizza, grilling, smoking, and even baking. The innovative design of the Forno de Pizza oven coupled with HPC ignition technology makes the acquisition for HPC a seamless fit into our product offering.

The Forno de Pizza philosophy is that wood-fired ovens are like architecture: they must be beautiful, functional, and made to last. Form and function are inextricably paired in a way we seldom see anywhere else. “This philosophy is one of the reasons I felt that Forno de Pizza fit perfectly with the HPC Innovated for Your Lifestyle messaging. Being able to pair the Forno de Pizza’s innovative design with HPC’s exclusive technologies, has us really excited for this spring’s product launch!” says Sean Steimle, CEO, HPC Fire Inspired™.

Forno de Pizza founder, Hugo Laranja, founded the company on the following belief: “…that some of our best experiences in life are spent with our friends and family. Cooking brings togetherness and the use of fire brings a powerful connection to the foods you’re sharing. Honoring timeless styling cues from centuries-old cooking history isn’t antithetical to modern engineering and performance. These ovens were designed to the ones that understand that it’s not just for pizzas, it’s for everyone.” Laranja goes on to say, “I am excited to see HPC Fire Inspired™ carry on my vision.”

HPC, based in Dayton, Ohio, is the leading manufacturer of gas fire features, fire-and-water features, and now a food division for residential and commercial applications. Its products are available through hundreds of specialty retailers and select online merchants. HPC Fire Inspired™

Fire and Gas Hybrid Pizza Oven with Stand