Galaxy Outdoor is excited to bring new outdoor kitchen islands to the forefront of their collection. Available with finished and unfinished variants, with a wide variety of accessories to pair them with, these new islands are sure to bring a new, elegant touch to your kitchen-crafting experience.

The Defiant

A 6-foot straight island, including a 5-foot raised bar on the right side.

The Atom

A basic 4-foot kitchen island, with room for a grill.

The Arc

A 6-foot by 5-foot outdoor kitchen island with an L shape, allowing for both a grill and a generous countertop.

The Satellite

The Satellite is a larger version of the Atom, with space for a larger grill and a bigger countertop.

The Ion

Much like the Atom or the Satellite, the Ion is a 6-foot basic kitchen with space for a grill and more countertop space. It also includes a raised backsplash / bar top.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Galaxy Outdoor is proud to curate its catalog of kitchen island components, allowing homeowners and contractors to create their island according to their vision.

Check out our kitchen islands online to get a glimpse of everything in a one-stop-shopping experience.