Outdoor Kitchen Islands

Here at HPC, we have the ability to build full-custom outdoor kitchens for spaces of any size, shape, and configuration (Including spaces with pools, posts, steps, elevations, curves, etc). We can even build around any custom appliances and inserts.

We build our islands out of #120-Galvanized steel tubing, welded together and is covered with an exterior flexible concrete board which makes it ready to receive any type of exterior finishings. The island structures have a lifetime warranty and can be built in a variety of shapes & sizes, such as straight Islands, curved islands, split-islands, L-shape, back splash, raised bar counter-top, etc. *The Islands are also built with custom sized openings that can accommodate any brand or custom grills and inserts.

We can build around any brand/size appliances and inserts (including custom built components). Brand/size of grill, doors, drawers, refrigerator, ice chest, electrical outlets, and any extras, all affect the final price of the island.

Custom Cut-Outs

Appliances & Inserts

Exterior Finishes

Our islands are fully wrapped with PermaBase (an exterior flexible concrete board) which is ready to receive any type of exterior finishings. The examples below are a few of the most commonly applied finishes:



Stacked Stone