NEW Forno de Pizza Site

HPC Fire Inspired is always striving to elevate the consumers’ experience. We welcome you to the art of cooking with our signature Forno de Pizza Oven. Wolf Gang Puck once said: “Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colors, there are only so many flavors; It’s how you combine them that sets you apart.” HPC’s outdoor dining series offers culinary customers the opportunity to get creative and enjoy a vast variety of flavorful meals with limitless options!

HPC is excited to share some of the latest improvements that are available for our consumers. From new pricing, to augmented reality, live testimonials as well as cooking videos that highlight must try recipes. Head to click the drop down option selecting Forno de pizza home to see what is new!

New Pricing

HPC strives to bring our consumers competitive pricing that will allow them to enjoy our signature designs that create memorable moments with family and friends that will last a lifetime.

  • Di Napoli Series– This model includes the oven, stainless steel hearth and the ready to finish enclosure to be built in to your design. This model costs $5,599.
  • Villa Series-This model includes the glass tiled oven, stainless steel hearth, vent as well as the vent flange which is ready to be built into an existing or new counter top that is 35” deep. This model runs between $5,799-$6,799.
  • Forno Series– This model includes the glass tiled oven, stainless steel heart, vent, and powder coated black steel cart. The Forno Series is a dual fuel oven that offers portability. This model runs between 6,499-$7,499.

Augmented Reality

HPC has now added the Forno de Pizza Oven to augmented reality. Download HPC Fire’s One App to access our augmented reality technology. This game changing technology will assist consumers in curating a custom Forno de pizza design that is perfect for the space. Just scan your space and see your design in real time.


HPC’s Forno de Pizza Oven offers an electronic ignition that makes for easy start up enabling your oven to heat quickly. The Forno de Pizza utilizes a 3 part design the monolithic oven, hearth and cart. The igloo shape that the Forno de Pizza employees a proven cooking method that has been around for centuries. From its’ unique design and customizable aesthetic, there is something for everyone.  HPC stands behind our designs. But don’t just take our word for it. Our happy consumers from executive chefs to the novice at home cook have shared their experiences with the oven. These testimonials are now conveniently located on the webpage under the Forno tab.

Video Recipes

It is with great pleasure that HPC has curated a library of cooking videos. Highlighting amazing recipes with our in house expert Hugo Laranja! From grilling to smoking, searing to baking; Hugo and his special guests makes cooking fun while unlocking the secrets to the Forno de pizza oven.

Get connected with a local dealer to purchase your design. Need assistance curating your design contact the HPC Fire Inspired Team at 937-436-9800. Utilize our experts to assist in selecting your design through the point of installation.