Are Gas Fire Features Worth the Investment?

HPC offers the broadest outdoor fire feature selections, including over 400 CSA certified propane and natural gas outdoor models. As a leader in the industry, HPC is dedicated to the innovation of technology that produces diverse, safe and quality product lines that enhance consumers’ experiences. This Tech Talk is dedicated to discussing the advantages of gas fueled fire features highlighting the benefits to consumers.

As consumers, it’s important to do your research, weighing all of the options to guarantee your investment. When you purchase HPC you get more than just a product;  you get a team of individuals working together to ensure the fire appliance of your dreams. HPC offers an unbeatable industry warranty on all of our appliances guaranteeing high quality designs that will stand the test of time. Here are the top three reasons purchasing HPC gas fire designs make a worthy investment.

HPC Gas Fire Appliances Offer Modern Conveniences

Investing in gas fueled fire features offer modern conveniences that traditional wood burning features can’t. Gas fire features are easily operated and do not require frequent tending or adding wood to sustain the flame. With a simple touch of a button you can enjoy the beauty and warmth of an HPC flame. With a gas fire appliance you can easily adjust the flame height from low to high. HPC gas appliances can be operated with a remote. In addition, HPC’s EI series can paired with a smart phone as well as home automation technology.

HPC Gas Appliances Burn Cleaner

In terms of cleanliness, Gas fire features require significantly fewer maintenance tasks and cleaning responsibilities when compared to wood fire units. The primary reason for this is because burning wood produces more residual byproducts that are hazardous to ones health. Gas fire features create the natural ambiance of a flame without the smoke and byproducts. As stated by the Green Home Institute, gas fire features emit 99% less pollutants creating a smaller environmental footprint than wood burning fire units.

HPC Gas Fire Appliances Can Operate For Longer

Gas-fueled fire appliances can be safely run for longer periods of time when compared to wood burning fire units. Wood burning units require regular tending whilst they are burning to maintain the fire safely. A gas-fueled appliance can be turned on and off with a simple flick of a switch. In addition, each HPC fire appliance is outfitted with built in safety technology features. HPC remains in compliance with ANSI standards and achieved CSA certification on over 400 appliances. In addition, HPC conducts a final internal test on every fully assembled appliance. Ensuring our consumers that the ignition system, valve, pan and burner all work seamlessly together yielding HPC’s signature brilliant flame. Overall, HPC Gas fire features operate safely offering layers of protection giving consumers peace of mind.

Customer Satisfaction:

Purchasing HPC Gas Appliances offer many benefits to consumers. It is important to plan out your design. As an consumer, HPC will partner with you ensuring the fire feature of your dreams. HPC values knowledge and invests in the exploration of best practices as well as engineering to ensure quality and performance for each fire design. We stand by our units with our life time guarantee, promising it will light every time rain or shine.

As always HPC prides itself on the service of our consumers through the development of quality and safe products providing education and accessibility to HPC Fire Feature Experts. Have any questions or concerns, contact Chuck Parsons and our NFI Certified Tech Team at 937-436-9800. HPC is always striving to raise the standards for the fire industry by breaking trends and making a lasting mark.