RCK-K Series

  • Manual & Thermostat On/Off
  • Celsius/Fahrenheit Insulated Heat Shield
  • Overheat protection built into the receiver
  • 400° High temp wires already installed
  • Easy access battery drawer
  • Backlit LCD with clock & temp readout
  • Child Proof
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Room Temp Set Point
  • Countdown Timer

This remote is compatible with the following millivolt kits: MVKN, MVK-P, MVK-NQM, MVK-PQM, UMVK-NP, MVK-EI, and MVK-HC.


Same as RCK-K, but without the heat shield.


Same as RCK-K, but with 9′ valve wires for in-wall installations and without a heat shield.