3” Swivel Flare Connection

“Quick Mount” swivel flair connector system. Uses 300° rear inlet Copreci Valve. All fittings for mounting to all “standard” type burner pans. Designed to fit burners having 3/8” female, 3/8” male or 1/2” male threads on burner tube, 90k Btu. For LP applications use 70LPK-QM conversion kit (Page 11).

Kit Includes:

  • Copreci Safety Pilot Valve (#109-C): Rear Gas Inlet, 90k Btu, 300° Rating.
  • 18” Pilot Assembly with mounting bracket.
  • 3” Swivel Flare Connector for easy valve/burner connection.
  • Heat Shield for the valve.
  • Black control knob with 4” stem extension.
  • Assorted fittings for various burner threads.