The most advanced cooking system in the world, sold exclusively at Galaxy Outdoor.

The Kamado Rocket is designed to outperform any other type of smoker/grill on the planet. 100% handmade to the highest quality in the United States of America, offering more standard options and capabilities than other grill-smoker hybrid appliances on the market.

Heat by Convection – Proper heat circulation for uniform cooking is why the shape of the Kamado Rocket resembles a rocket ship which allows for more cooking levels. In the engineering dictum, “Round is better than square”.

Heat by Radiation – The retained heat in the heavy refractory walls creates the most even, all around cooking experience that you cannot receive with thin walled metal barbecues or cheaply built smokers made of ceramic.

Refractory Insulation Characteristics – The thick refractory walls with tiling insulate and also retain the heat. The exterior design also has the same characteristics that are found in the nose cone and bottom of the space shuttle.

Durability – You can expect a lifetime(s) worth of continued use. Our modern technology and new refractory formulas have enable us to make a product that is unaffected by heat or cold. Every piece of the Kamado Rocket’s hardware (Inside and out) is handmade and built with only US made #304 stainless steel and aircraft aluminum.

Aesthetics – The Kamado Rocket is artistically tiled with the finest imported porcelain, ceramics, glass, and stone tiles. Our dedicated workers reward our customers with a “Work of Art” which will make a beautiful addition to your home and patio. You now have an opportunity to select a color to match your decor and will be a piece of functional art that produces great tasting food.


Cool to the touch, ergonomic stainless steel handle

High-quality precision temperature gauge

Stainless steel draft door

Stainless steel cooking grate with oversized hinge door

304 stainless steel bands and hardware

Insulating fire gasket at all openings

Two air spring loaded shocks

High load rubber wheeled casters with sealed bearings (2 locking wheels)

Owner’s manual

Limited lifetime warranty


Flat Black


Black Platinum*

Red / Black*

Rusted Green*

*Denotes tile upgrade– additional fees may apply. Custom tile options and patterns available.


Damper Top

Screws up and down, allowing precise temperature control by restricting air flow.

Pizza Stone / Heat Deflector

Turns your Kamado Rocket into a pizza oven. Can also be used for baking or as a heat deflector (bracket sold separately).

Temperature Gauge

Provides accurate temperature readings for precise grilling, baking, smoking, and searing.

Main Cooking Grate

Stainless grate. Oversized hinge door allows easy access to fill the rod firebox with your fuel of choice.

Rod Firebox

Stainless steel firebox that allows greater air flow as well as increased charcoal capacity.


Two high-capacity, air-filled shocks with heavy-duty spring assist.

Adjustable Draft Door

Slides in and out easily on runners with pull handle to regulate the air flow and temperature.


Premium Cover

Strong, weatherproof cover that helps protect your Kamado Rocket from the elements.

Stainless-framed Side Table

Left or right side tables. Includes a removable cutting board. Must be ordered at time of purchase.

Meat Hanger Assembly

Stainless steel meat hanger that allows you to hang your food at an adjustable height.

Pin Cushion Rib Rack

If you have a lot of ribs to cook, this rack will allow you to turn them sideways to cook them more.

Upper Cooking Rack

Allows you to expand and stack your food over and above the main cooking grate.

Mushi Double Cooking Grate

Allows you to use a wok, dutch oven, or additional meat hanger while still cooking on the outer rim.