It’s More Than an Orifice, it’s a Game Changer: UGO is Set to Launch!

HPC is constantly striving for continuous improvement. It is this mentality that allows us to provide cutting edge technology paired with high quality service. The excitement around what HPC’s team has in store for consumers is creating a buzz throughout the industry.

From our In-House fabrication shop to our West Coast distribution center to new product releases; HPC is making big moves. This week marks the official launch of HPC’s patented Universal Gas Orifice Technology.

UGO’s Official Soft Launch

HPC’s new universal orifice design was the recipient of the coveted HPBA Vesta award for outstanding component and controls in 2020. The HPC Fire Inspired UGO is constructed from sturdy brass and the patented technology behind it allows this orifice fitting to handle either natural gas or liquid propane up to 400K BTUs.

Its’ thoughtful design will ensure that it will stand the test of time. It is outfitted with high temperature Viton gaskets to ensure proper operation for the life of the appliance. The UGO is equipped with larger air intake yielding cleaner propane burns. HPC’s UGO component is offered in various sizes: made to fit piping from  3/8”, ½” and ¾”. The UGO is ready for applications across all of HPC Fire Inspired CSA certified product offerings.

Simplified Conversion Process

Along with the use of solenoid valves in our electronic ignition units, the UGO makes converting gas types in the field an easy process. The conversion can be completed in under 60 seconds, eliminating any need to disassemble the appliance.

  • Turn off the gas line
  • Loosen a set screw to rotate the collar to open the intakes for propane burns
  • Tighten the set screw
  • Rotate the orifice from natural gas to propane and the conversion is complete.

The new orifice eliminates the need to order gas conversion parts to complete the job. Saving both Time and Money, allowing consumers to resume the enjoyment of their HPC Fire Flame.

Creating Efficiencies

The UGO will allow our dealers to stock less SKUs. All units can be ordered and stocked as natural gas with a propane conversion in the field. UGO creates efficiency internally offering vast benefits to field Technicians and consumers; as it eliminates concerns around ordering the wrong gas type and streamlines the ordering process for consumers.

Ready For Launch

Don’t miss out on the excitement: Be on the watch for UGO’s soft launch starting August 1st on all HPC’s CSA Certified match light (MLFPK) units leading to use on all HPC units in the near future.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call at 937-436-9800. Let our NFI certified technicians provide guidance around all your fire design needs.

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