Frequently Asked Questions


Refractory oven is an oven that uses a refractory material that withstands very high temperatures without breaking down(like a fire brick). HPC Fire's Forno de Pizza refractory oven uses our own formula of refractory material that  can withstand up to 2400 degrees F.

No, a majority of ovens that claim to be dual fuel do not allow for wood to be started with the gas burner.  You would have to start the wood fire separately.

Electronic ignition is the safest ignition system to use on a gas appliance (not to be confused with a spark starter). HPC's Forno de Pizza uses a 3 volt battery pack for the portable ovens and a 3V adapter to 110V for the built in and enclosed ovens. The flame sensing electrode will not allow gas in the oven unless the pilot is lit and the control module sends signal to the valve to open. It is the safest gas delivering system on the market.

Because you don't need anything bigger, and smaller limits your capabilities to cook different things. Focus on one thing that works well. Bigger ovens take longer to heat up, they consume more fuel, they are heavier, takes more effort to install and occupy bigger footprint.

The oven has a proprietary vent on its opening that allows for air to continuously feed oxygen to the fire and it also allows for any gases and smoke to go up through the front(just like a chimney). Esthetically keeping the design simple, retaining as much heat as possible till the very front of the oven, and makes it much easier to use it as a portable oven.

You can use just wood or just gas.  Once you start the wood with the gas burner you'll not go back to just using wood. You can just use gas also. Once you use both fuels at the same time and your oven heats up twice as fast you'll see yourself using both fuels most of the time.

Forno Series weighs 445lbs, Villa Series weighs 370lbs, and the Di Napoli weighs 450lbs

Burning both fuels together can reach temperatures of over 1200 degrees. Most foods are cooked between 200 degrees (smoking) to 750 degrees(searing)

The inside of the oven is 29 inches width and 30 inches deep. Burner is located on the right side and it takes about 2 inches of space

Definitely! please call 616-283-1343

Please click here to find our authorized dealers or connect to our online store 

Once your purchase has been confirmed it will take from a couple days to a couple weeks to ship from our manufacturing facility in Dayton, OH

Not really, if you are just using the oven to cook in high heat and need to rotate the food frequently, you will not use a door. The door will be used when you are baking at medium to low temperatures, and smoking. It also works well to keep animals from going in the oven.

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You can assemble the Forno and Villa series with two to three people safely(they come ready to be assembled). The Di Napoli comes as one unit and it weighs 430 lbs( you'll need a forklift or about 6 people to place it on a base)

The smoke goes up! right through the through the stainless steel vent. Amazingly you don't really have a lot smoke that the oven generates. Using a hard wood (preferably oak) and no bark.

The oven will smoke if you want it to smoke. Turn on the gas and use a seasoned hardwood for no smoke; or, use soaked in water wood chips for a desired smoke.

Oak is the wood that is best suited for burning the hottest and the longest. other woods may be used to achieve your desired outcome. Click here for Video

Yes and yes. Please give us a call so we can arrange these shipments.

Heat retention- heat distribution-Heat mass. RADIANT HEAT. Refractory will retain heat and radiate back to the inside of the oven, while sheet metal will not retain and radiate heat back. Sheet metal ovens usually have a insulation between the inside and outside. It only insulates the heat generated inside, once your source of heat goes away, so does the heat. HPC Fire's Forno de Pizza will retain heat for a couple hours after being used. And, you don't have to use as much fuel during your cooking experience. Less to maintain the heat and more time to enjoy your lifestyle.

If you have any food drippings you can just place some hot ambers on top of it either after using the oven or before you use it again-It is self cleaning. If you burn oak in the oven you'll find that you'll have minimal ashes. Sometimes you'll go an entire season without having to remove any ashes from the oven. If you decide to remove the ashes, just wait a couple days and then scoop it with the pizza peel and discard.

The oven dome has a thickness of 2 1/2". the hearth stone has a thickness of 3", with a refractory layer, insulating layer and a reinforced refractory layer.

Check with your local building officials with the regulations about using a grill or a fireplace on a second story high wooden deck. The weight of the Forno Series is equivalent to two people side by side.

Yes, in order to not have a thermal shock to the refractory material, you'll need to gradually heat up the oven with just the gas and then add wood to it how to use the oven in bellow freezing temperatures. Click here to see video.

Yes, the oven and the hearth stone will develop their natural control joints. It is pertinent to cure the oven properly on the first firing in order to keep the integrity of the refractory material. Please click here to follow this video on how to use your oven in below freezing temperatures.

Not really! Here is why: One size oven that focuses on esthetics, craftsmanship, functionality, durability, controllability, operation ability, and customer interaction.

No, the electronic ignition system has a 3 volt electricity requirement that is either powered by 2 D batteries or by 110volt to 3volt adapter. The flame sensing rod on the pilot needs to have a flame in order to send electricity back to the control module, then the control module sends an  electrical signal to the valve and the valve opens and allows gas to flow to the burner.

Yes, once the oven has gone through the curing(calcification) process the refractory material turns into a ceramic material.
HPC has outdoor covers available for the Forno Series and Villa Series that will help your oven stay clean and keep the animals and insects away

you can reach Neapolitan style pizza temps 625-650 on the hearth stone in 20-30 minutes. that will be determined on how what kind of wood you use and what the temperature is outside.

No, unfortunately the ovens are to be used outside only.

Absolutely! just contact us and we can help you locate an HVAC professional that can make the necessary conversion to your oven.

It will last 12.5 hours at 100% open. So, if you are using the burner at 50% capacity the tank will last 25 hours.

All of the ovens are manufactured at HPC Fire Inspired's plant in Miamisburg, OH, from the casting of the refractory oven and all of the tiling to the electronic ignition system fabrication and testing.