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How HPC Makes Fire Pits Safe

Safety is one of the core values at HPC. The warmth, comfort and fellowship that come with an HPC Fire Pit would be meaningless if our products weren’t designed, built and sold with our customers’ safety in mind.

Here at HPC, we substantiate our commitment to safety with over 400 CSA Certified products, features and manufacturing practices. We make certain that the technology that goes into our products represents the cutting edge of safety in design. We also recognize that safety is a responsibility of the operator as well as the manufacturer, so we make certain the Installation and Operation Instructions are informative and clear.


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Here are a few further examples of HPC’s philosophy of Safety-in-Action:

  • Why Certify with CSA. There are many product testing agencies out there, and at HPC, we have looked at them all. However, we have decided that CSA carries the most expertise and credibility for testing gas-burning appliances. Also, many fire pit installations are part of a larger new construction or remodeling project, which customarily need local code approval. Most local code inspectors are very familiar with CSA, and will look for the CSA logo when conducting an inspection.
  • Certified Appliance or Certified Component. When you are shopping for a gas fire pit, ask your dealer if a particular fire pit carries a CSA label, and whether that certification applies to the entire appliance, or simply to one or two of its components. This is an important distinction. At HPC, we test and certify the safety of the entire appliance, to ensure that all the components work together in a verifiably safe manner.
  • What is “Flame Sense”? This is a term that describes a safety feature in our Push-Button (FPPK) and our Electronic Ignition (EI) models, whereby if a strong wind blows the flame out, the fire pit “senses” this lack of flame and shuts off the gas supply.
  • How Does “Flame Sense” Work? It’s really quite simple. All our fire pits with Flame Sense include a Safety Pilot, which is equipped with a temperature sensor, called a thermocouple (or a thermopile for larger units). The thermocouple monitors the temperature of the Safety Pilot, and if the temperature drops by a sufficient amount, the thermocouple signals to the fire pit to shut off the gas supply.

These are just a few of the safety features and practices that make HPC Fire Pits the industry leader in Safe Fire Pits.
If you have any questions about Safe Fire Pits, we have an entire NFI certified Technical Service Team available Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 7 pm, and Friday from 8 am to 5 pm EST.

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HPC’s Electronic Ignition (EI) High-Low fire pits come with a built-in antenna for reliable connection to Apple® and Android™ phones via our free Bluetooth app, enabling easy fire pit control from as far away as 20 feet.








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